The 5 Best Davids In Pro Wrestling


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The 5 Best Davids In Pro Wrestling

We’ve done a list on the worst Davids in professional wrestling. It was a smaller list than the number of decent or good talents in the wrestling business named David. And that’s what we’re getting into now. Here are five of the best Davids in wrestling. Does a Finlay make the list? If so, which David Finlay is the better Finlay? Let’s start with our fifth pick: 

David Finlay 

This fourth-generation wrestler is the son of Finlay—also better known as Fit Finlay. From his first two years in the business, he showed the potential to be a talented wrestler. A foundation established via training with his father and being admitted into the New Japan Dojo has seen him develop into a strong talent in roughly an eight-year period. 

David Marquez 

This guy is the only non-wrestler on the list but he’s deeply involved in wrestling. On-screen, you’ll usually see him as an interviewer. While he shines in the position, he shines brighter as the promoter and show producer for his Championship Wrestling from Hollywood promotion. Closing in on ten years in September, CWFH served as the most consistent member of the NWA as it had weekly TV with modern production and reach.  

After his promotion left there NWA, he lent his services to forming more Championship Wrestling promotions in the southwest/mid-south. Almost seven years back, he would be driving force behind forming the United Wrestling Network, seeking to form a new alliance of promotions with TV exposure. 

The 5 Best Davids In Wrestling

Currently, Marquez is a joint owner of CZW. On the indies, Marquez is a behind-the-scenes mover with similar TV slot-finding abilities to a Jarrett or Cornette—only not as polarizing. 

David Starr 

“The Product” and “The King of Taunts,” David Starr is often described as outspoken on the treatment and financial security of talent in the business outside the ring. In-ring, Starr is mostly business, as he’s able to wrestle a competitive match and humiliate an opponent by hitting them with the product—his groin. If there was actually a discussion dedicated to the role of crotches in wrestling, David Starr would likely come up as well. 

Fortunately, crotch spots—which are something that should be checked by a doctor—aren’t a significant part of David Starr’s character. 

“Dr. D” David Schultz 

I love a Southern heel—especially one in the 70s and 80s. David Schultz is the perfect example of an 80s badass heel. Great charisma, ridiculous mic skills, menacing look, and he carried himself as if he’d fight at the mid-drop of a hat. Because of his loud, hard-edged persona, he could find himself in comedic promos or interviews even when being intense and ornery.  

It’s been said before but Schultz was one of the proto-Stone Cold wrestlers and even had promos that really pushed things at the time. One example is the above segment which would have a hard time making it to TV in 2020. 


David “Fit” Finlay makes the list in part because of his longevity. Now retired, he managed to wrestle a similar style without tweaking it much for years. His work in WCW could go underappreciated mainly because he wasn’t really allowed to show character. Since he didn’t show that he deserved much TV time, he had a permanent home in WCW’s midcard. 

He shined in the 2000s on SmackDown with the exact same style. What was different is that David Finlay played up being a veteran brawler who had hidden mat skills. Finlay was a perfect predator heel without actively presenting that character. In WWE, he was just an Irish guy who loved to fight but the simple things he did in matches—such as my favorite, trapping opponents in the ring apron—showed him as a craftier veteran than others on the roster. 

Finlay isn’t the most exciting David on the list nor was he as over at the same age as some on the list. What he did have was longevity. His style definitely took a toll on his body but at the same time, it didn’t grind down his career length with high-risk tactics or anything. 

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