What Does Salina de la Renta’s Return Mean For MLW?

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At 23-years old, Salina de la Renta is probably the best manager—or rather, talent agent—in Major League Wrestling. There’s a very strong case for Josef Samael as his faction, Contra Unit, is still together and they hold the MLW World Heavyweight. However, they run roughshod in MLW in different ways.  

Samael and Contra Unit uses vulgar force, propaganda, and intimidation to reach its goals while Salina used finesse, threats of violence, and resorted to violence to speed her goals up. We’re not getting into which is the bigger threat to Major League Wrestling. The company has three heelish factions and it would take all day. Instead, we’re getting into what Salina de la Renta’s return means for the company. 

Salina de la Renta Returns to Major League Wrestling 

Towards the end of MLW Pulp Fusion there were two surprises for MLW fans. The first was a new signing in Saieve al Sabah who will join Injustice as its third member. Kotto Brazil was written out of Major League Wrestling following Contra Unit’s attack on the company’s headquarters during the MLW vs. AAA Super Series earlier in the year. 

She was active in MLW storylines in 2019 up until November. Since then, she hasn’t been on MLW Fusion and Promociones Dorado was assumed to be dissolved. Low Ki was back to being a singles competitor, Los Parks are doing their thing, and Ricky Martinez returned to the Florida indies in late 2019. 

De la Renta’s return comes as Major League Wrestling is navigating the pandemic. At the moment, the company is still putting out weekly content but the rapid growth MLW has experienced has been slowed as storylines aren’t advancing. We’re being reminded of the stars and some of the stories in the company but they’re not progressing. 


The obvious prediction is that Salina de la Renta will bring back Promociones Dorado. This raises the question of “With what talent?” One pick is Pagano who was supposed to wrestle in MLW before COVID-19 shut things down.  

Since her faction was centered around Latino talent, she has a lot to choose from which points to a few more signings for the company or a regular flow of talent between MLW and AAA. Salina’s return makes her a wild card as far as stories go.  We’ll have to wait and see what she does and who she brings with her but I can see Pagano being a pick for her faction if she revives it. 

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