What Will AEW Do If Jon Moxley Doesn’t Make It To Fyter Fest?

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What Will AEW Do If Jon Moxley Doesn't Make It To Fyter Fest?

July is quickly approaching, that means Night One of AEW’s Fyter Fest. The biggest match of the whole event is easily AEW Champion Jon Moxley defending against Brian Cage, who won the right of challenge in a ladder match at Double Or Nothing. With Taz at his side, Cage is as dangerous an opponent as Moxley has ever faced. However, Moxley is potentially battling something much more dangerous that puts this match in jeopardy.

For those unaware, Jon Moxley’s wife, Renee Young has tested positive for COVID-19. They are quarentining in their house together, just in seperate sections. This is why Moxley was no on Dynamite this past week, and while Moxley has tested negative for the deadly virus, this very well could put the match with Cage on hold, and rightfully so. The safety of wrestlers comes before the matches fans want to see, but they will need a back up plan.

Making An Interium AEW Championship

One route they could take for Fyter Fest, is putting Brian Cage alongside another top ranked singles star like Matt Hardy in a match to crown an Interium AEW Champion. It would help to build up Cage as an even bigger threat, but at the risk of already making the history of the AEW Championship messy. Having an interium champion after only two actual champions will make it’s lineage have it’s first bump, but it’s an easy out for them at this time.

Taz Awards Brian Cage With The FTW Championship

Another option lies in the wrestling past of Taz. This is the FTW Championship, a belt that most closely resembles the Million Dollar Championship in function. Taz introduced the title in May of 1998, after being frusturated that ECW Champion Shane Douglas was unable to come defend his title. Douglas had a sinus infection at the time. This mirrors the situation with Cage & Moxley perfectly going into Fyter Fest, and makes for a cleaner option that will also add some extra enjoyment for fans of ECW. The belt has been inactive since 1999, with the only man besides Taz holding it being Sabu.

Giving Cage this title instead, and having Taz call Mox a fake champion until he gets back will just add more fuel to this fire.

How do you want AEW to handle the likely scenerio that Jon Moxley doesn’t make it to Fyter Fest? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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