Wrestling Legend Bobby Fulton Challenges AEW’s Joey Janela

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Wrestling Legend Bobby Fulton Challenges AEW's Joey Janela

Twitter has been a wild place these last few days, to the point where the weirdest challenge of 2020 has been lost in the shuffle. 58 year old retired tag team specialist, Bobby Fulton wants to fight Joey Janela. This comes after Janela made comments about the ellict past of Jim Cornette, someone who Fulton considers a close friend. Regardless of why this challenge exists, it could end up being one of the weirder matches of 2020.

Bobby Fulton Wants To Prove He’s More Hardcore Than Janela

After calling out David Starr for a barbed wire cage match, then realizing he was calling out someone who deleted their account, he moved to Joey Janela. “Since everyone thinks @JANELABABY is “hardcore” I’m challenging him to a barbed wire cage match! Which side would you be on? Can take place for any promotion!”

He’d also go on to call out NWA VP David Lagana, showing that these challenges might not be serious. Joey Janela has simply responded with Excuse me… which leaves the challenge unclear, though this feels like exactly the type of match he would book for one of his GCW shows. Janela has previously booked himself in matches with people like The Great Sasuke, and even tried to face The Great Muta, meaning this isn’t out of the ordinary for him.

Fulton Last Wrestled In 2018 In A Barbed Wire Steel Cage

While you’d think someone like Janela would have the advantage with this stipulation, yet he’s never been in this type of match. Meanwhile, Fulton has wrestled seven matches of this type, with his last being against former ECW Champion Shane Douglas in 2018. Alongside Tommy Rogers in The Fantastics, he also faced The Sheepherders (The Bushwackers in WWF) in some vicious matches of this type. Fulton has also stated he intends to wrestle ten more matches, seemingly leaving his retirement in a very Terry Funk style.

We have also seen him call out FTR for a tag team match where he’d team with Ricky Morton. Being a huge fan of old-school tag team wrestling, Dax Harwood quickly expressed interest in this match, meaning this is something we could see down the line.

This match would be a spectacle for sure, would you want to see Bobby Fulton face Joey Janela in a barbed wire steel cage match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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