WWE 205 Live Results: Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott vs. Tony Nese

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WWE 205 Live Results: Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott vs. Tony Nese

Welcome to your weekly dose of 205 Live. There is only one match set for tonight, with Tony Nese finally looking to finish his feud with Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott. It was a feud that heavily involved the recently released, Jack Gallagher. Because of this, it seems likely this is their time to finish this once and for all, and move on. It’s been going on since even before the Cruiserweight Championship tournament, so who would stand tall in the end?

A Slow Start To A Long War

This match would start with a slow lockup, due to Nese having to take time to flex and pose in the ring. The mindgames would begin, but Swerve would get on top for some ground & pound. Nese would slip away and leave the ring to get some space. They’d get back into it, and Nese would pick the leg and crank hard on it, picking an early target. Taking out the leg of Swerve removes the impact of his offense, but he wouldn’t last in the hold for long after managing to get a chin lock and working back to his feet.

The match would go into the corner of the ring, with Swerve popping over the top and catching Nese with the Hurricarana before taking him down with the armbar with heavy wrist control. Nese would try to fight back with a backdrop, but Swerve held on with the headlock to remain in control.

Nese would manage to fight out after shoving Swerve into the corner and using his agility to set Swerve up for some strikes, before Swerve would manage to dodge, catch an armdrag and get him back on the mat. While Swerve generally benefits from a rapid pace, he chose to start this one slow, Drew Gulak on commentary would appriciate that. Cranking on the arm with the head trapped, Nese would struggle to escape, making his way to the ropes to force the break. A cheap shot to the face would stun Swerve, and let Nese hit the hot-shot over the top rope.

Things Get Physical

He’d pull Swerve to the outside and try to throw him into the steps, but Swerve had this scouted. Being reminded of what costed him the Cruiserweight Championship tournament, Swerve would fire up and gain control of Nese with heavy strikes of his own. On the apron however, Nese would drop Swerve with a backdrop, almost getting the count out.

As soon as he got back in the ring, he’d be run down with a hard back elbow, with Nese starting to beat him down again. Kicks to the head would toy with Swerve, and things would get physical as they traded very hard strikes. Nese would cut swerve off with a slide to the legs, before hitting his springboard moonsault for a near fall.

Nese would now start a calculated attack, first done by three back suplexes in a row. The back of Swerve was hurt, taking a lot of the omph out of his attacks. Nese would go for another suplex, but Swerve would do all he could to stop it, before hitting a vertical suplex of his own. He’d hop to the top rope, but a palm strike to the face would stun Swerve, and Nese would look for the Superplex before being knocked down. Coming right back, Swerve would have to shove Nese off and go for the dive, catching him with a sunset flip. Nese would roll through however, and hit a spinning back kick right to the face for a near fall.

Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott Gets Fired Up

Going back to an old favorite, Nese would use his powerful legs for a body scissors, with Swerve struggling for freedom. Swerve would be able to chop Nese in the face to escape, dazing his opponent in the process. Nese would be the first one back to his feet, and would slap Swerve in the face before yelling ‘You’ll never be better than me’ right in his face.

This just lit a fire in Swerve, who would deck him with a huge right hand before unloading in the corner. He’d throw him to the middle of the ring and dive off the ropes with a diving uppercut to the neck. Nese would escape to the outside, only to get a kick to the face, and before being thrown into the ring and hit with a jumping facebuster for a near fall.

Swerve would follow up with a deadlift German Suplex, for a near fall. Both men were digging deep for both men, as this match passed the 15 minute mark. Swerve would set up for the House Call but Nese had it will scouted. He’d dodge, hit a kick to the stomach and send Swerve off the ropes. Swerve would think he’s in control with a running front dropkick, only to find himself deep in a Boston Crab.

The End Of Near

The lower back has been a target all match, and the pressure being applied there is fatal at this stage. He’d be in the middle of the ring, and have to fight out and turn to his back to have a chance, and would succeed. There wasn’t much left in the tank, and he’d be hit with the Pumphandle Driver for a near fall.

Nese was frustrated, Swerve was beat, and Swerve would be set up for the running Nese. This would be avoided, but Swerve would find himself on the outside, allowing Nese to cartwheel off the apron over him and be thrown into the steps. Back in the ring, Nese hit a clean 450 Splash, but Swerve got the ropes to stop the pin at two. His frustrations would boil over, and Nese would grab a chair, though the referee would convince him to stop. This would leave him open to an attack from Swerve, who took quick advantage and hit a double stomp off the top rope for the win.

This was one of the best matches in the Cruiserweight Division this year. Swerve & Nese are the best of the best, and Swerve deserves a title shot before anyone else. He’s the only man who has beaten Escobar Santos, and is now on top of the division. This match gets an easy 4 stars out of 5.

Do you think Swerve deserves the title shot? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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