WWE 205 Live Results: Jack Gallagher vs. Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott


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Earlier this week on NXT, Jack Gallagher would come down to the ring to interupt the match between Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott & Tony Nese. Clearly aligned now with his fellow 205 Live original, he’d look to stop Swerve from getting the win, but would fail. A roll up got Swerve a win over Nese, but he’s now going to meet Gallagher on 205 Live. In a rematch from the B-Block of the Cruiserweight Championship tournament, who would win?

Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott Takes Control With Creative Offense

It would be a slower start than usual on 205 Live, with both men being more about strikes and submissions than high flying. They would look for control in those ways first, with Gallagher getting the first hold, only to be stopped by Swerve. A battle for control would begin with the creative offense of Swerve winning, as he gets a short arm scissors. Gallagher would escape and mount the back to send some crossface shots to the face.
After pulling Swerve to his feet, Gallagher would look for a short-arm clothesline, but Swerve slipped away and caught him with a headscissor takedown instead. A combo of strikes would follow and send Gallagher into the corner, with him being sent to the ground and hit him with an uppercut to the back of the neck from the middle rope. Swerve would go to the top rope next, but Gallagher would roll to the outside to save himself from the dive. Joining him on the apron. Swerve would go for a pump-kick, but Gallagher would catch his leg and stretch it out.

Jack Gallagher Is A Ring General

While the nickname of Ring General belongs to WALTER, there are many who it can describe within WWE. One of these people is Gallagher, who would use the ring to his advantage as he beat Swerve down using the ring as a partner. Kicks to the head in the corner would grind Swerve down, and open hand strikes would help. That is until Swerve got back up, and launched some strikes of his own.
A series of uppercuts would be launched into Swerve, but a fake out would leave the leg of Gallagher open and he’d be hit hard, being sent to the mat. He’d be hit with The House Call, but escape to the outside to prevent the pin. Swerve would leap over the top rope and hit a pump kick off the apron, rocking Gallagher to his core. Back in the ring, Swerve would hit a jumping facebuster for a near fall.
With Gallagher on his knees, Swerve would launch some hard kicks, but Swerve would hit the ropes and be trapped in a Guillotine Choke. He’d power out into a brainbuster, but wouldn’t be able to make his way to the pin. Gallagher would head into the corner, but a hard back elbow would drop him, Gallagher would go to the top rope. Swerve would chase after, but the backdrop attempt from the top rope would be reversed, Gallagher crashing down onto his opponent in a pinning perdiciment, for a two count.

205 Live Is Swerves House Again

Back to his feet first, Gallagher would pull Swerve up by the arm and hit a huge headbutt. This would only get a two count, which shocked everyone. Swerve had to fall eventually, so more strikes would be launched. Gallagher would then go for an armbar, but Swerve would reverse the hold into a pin, and steal the match!
This was an incredible, hard hitting match. They’ve become standard on 205 Live, and these two are always delivering. Swerve now has wins over Nese & Gallagher. A post match beatdown from Nese showed this conflict was not over however. Will he find a tag partner and beat down them both at the same time? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.
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