WWE Bans Buckle Bomb Thanks to Nia Jax

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WWE Bans Buckle Bomb Thanks to Nia Jax

Over the years, the WWE has banned several holds or moves due to them being considered too dangerous like the piledriver. Now, we can add buckle bombs to the list and it’s allegedly thanks to Nia Jax.

Wrestlers offer their health and well being in every match to entertain us, and they put their trust in their opponent not to do something to injure them or worse. Bret Hart as stated the goal is to have everyone leave the ring and return home in the same condition they entered it. It’s a safety goal we hope everyone has, since no one wants to see another injured.

Injuries happen

While the move itself is dangerous as the neck can sharply snap front or back if they hit wrong, and the fact the person absorbing the move can’t really defend themselves. Basically, they’re putting their lives and wellbeing in the hands of their opponent. While this is a regular occurrence with slams and things like that where one trusts another with total control, a buckle bomb is like any throw. Anything can go wrong if they’re not at the right spot, don’t work together perfectly, or a grip slips.

Everyone’s human and everyone can make a mistake. We all know the matches are scripted, but the bumps they take are real. They’re taxing their bodies and risking constant injury.

But there are some that are unsafe to work with.

Bad reputation

What makes this announcement interesting is it came after Nia Jax performed the move on Kari Sane. Sane hit the back of her head/back of her neck on the turnbuckle and needed attention.

While Nia Jax has earned a reputation as not being safe to work with, she’s not the first. This incident has also garnered the attention of fans wondering why she’s the number one contender for the Raw Women’s Championship.

It’s also brought comparisons to another wrestler that was known to be very unsafe to work with in 2017 — Seth Rollins.

In the span of three months, Rollins injured Finn Balor (knocking him out for a year) and ended Sting’s career with botched buckle bombs. But the company stuck with him and he’s now considered one of the best in ring talents.

Yet it took Nia Jax injuring Kari Sane for this to happen instead of when Rollins injured two people, ending one’s career.

At least, they did something to help prevent it from happening again. The question is, with her past record, what happens if someone else is injured against Jax?

Many fans have said they want her fired for being unsafe, but that’s not going to happen. The truth is, the history of professional wrestling is filled with unsafe performers, whether intentionally or lack of understanding.

If the WWE is so concerned about safety, maybe moving on from wrestlers that injure their opponents would be the best thing to do?

Since they won’t if they bring in the money, hopefully, Nia Jax is working hard to improve as there was marked improvement in her performance last week when it came to body slams. We’re keeping our fingers crossed this is the last time someone is injured in her matches.

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