WWE Main Event Results: Ricochet vs. Shane Throne


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Last week on WWE Main Event, Shane Thorne would face Ricochet in losing fashion. This week, he looks to try again and hopefully find better results. Would things go the same for the hard hitting aussie, or would he beat this former United States Champion? Either way it goes, it was certain to be a fantastic match yet again.

A Slow Paced Start With A Steady Rise

Action would start fast, with Ricochet rolling into a leg pick to take Thorne down to the mat. Thorne would quickly counter, looking for a leg lock of his own. This is an oddly technical start for a match with these men. Ricochet would get into a leglock himself, Thorne would roll into a pin and move to a choke. Just excellent grappling, something you don’t often see from Ricochet, who is often pigeon-holed into being a pure high-flier.
Thorne would counter a wrist-lock into a side headlock takeover, which would almost lead to a pin as Ricochet tilted his body to send Thornes shoulders to the mat. Fighting back to his feet from this, the pace would pick up. A shoulder block sent Ricochet to the mat, only for him to bounce back up and send a kick into Thorne. This would be countered, and Ricochet would flip out, pushing Thorne back in the process. A clothesline would be dodged, and Thorne would find himself tripped up before Ricochet would flip over the top rope right into his stomach. All this in a matter of maybe 10 seconds, truly insane.

Shane Thorne Finds His Target

Thorne would rush into Ricochet in the corner, only to be sent onto the apron. He’d look for a suplex to the floor, with Ricochet stopping him. Instead, he’d go for a wicked arm wringer, sending Ricochet shoulder first into the apron, ouch. That would put the match in the control of Thorne, with him focusing on the arm hard with stomps and submissions. He would fight out, but a back suplex with his arm isolated would drop him hard.
Ricochet would narrowly dodge a huge cannonball in the corner from Thorne, giving him another chance. He’d launch some strikes with his good arm, hit a spinning wheel kick when Thorne would come off the rope, and just do everything he could without that hurt left arm. A springboard splash off the middle rope, set up for a running Shooting Star Press, which Thorne got the knees up to block.

Ricochet Rallies Back

Looking for a Crossface Chicken-wing, Thorne would be unsuccessful and Ricochet would slip behind for a reverse Hurricarana, dropping Thorne on his head. Ricochet would follow up by pulling Thorne onto his shoulder and hit the Kick Back for the win!
Two weeks in a row now, these two have had an incredible match on Main Event. Hopefully they will bring his action to a future episode of Monday Night RAW, as it would help to boost that show. Have you been impressed with Ricochet & Shane Thorne? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.
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