WWE Main Event Results: Shelton Benjamin vs. Cedric Alexander


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While his tag team partner captured a win earlier in the night, Cedric Alexander had a daunting challenge on Main Event. His opponent would be the veteran Shelton Benjamin, who had beaten Akira Tozawa last week. Would Alexander beat the veteran, or would Benjamin continue his winning ways?

Trying To Out-Wrestle The Veteran

Benjamin would start the match with a rear-waist lock, but Alexander would counter out with a wrist lock. After shoving Alexander off into the ropes, Benjamin would look for a jumping knee, only to be shoved away midair. This standoff would be one of respect, and both men were now ready to go. Benjamin would show his grappling prowess, isolating the arm of Alexander and ground him. It became abundantly clear that Alexander had no chance of winning this match on the mat, and would need to pick the pace up. He’d hit a Monkey Flip, followed by an attempt at a kick, with Benjamin narrowly dodging.
Alexander would choose to grapple with Benjamin again, trying to prove he isn’t completely outclassed in that realm, but doing a poor job of it. The power and experience of Benjamin would win but the crafty Alexander went for a rollup and dropkick to send Benjamin down. They’d go right back to grappling with Alexander locking in a wrist-lock.

Shelton Benjamin Throws His Weight Around

Mad that he got shown up in grappling, Benjamin would drop him with a huge strike. Benjamin would get physical and beat down Alexander in the corner. Temporary freedom would lead to Benjamin ending up in the corner, but he’d send Alexander out to the apron as he approached. Creating some space with a quick elbow, Alexander went for a springboard forearm, but would be caught with a step up knee from Benjamin before he could take off.  This would put the match firmly into the corner of Benjamin, who would apply a rear-naked choke in the middle of the ring. Alexander would fight his way up, but be sent airborne with a huge back body drop, being launched 7 feet in the air.
A deliberate knee drop would be followed by a chin lock, but Alexander would get out with a jawbreaker. Moving to strikes, Alexander would stick and move as he sent Benjamin into the corner before hitting a tornado DDT for a near fall. Setting up for a handspring back elbow, Alexander would be caught in a German Suplex position, but land on his feet. He’d run into a kick from Benjamin, and while he caught it, he’d be caught hard after spinning Benjamin; falling prey to the classic Dragon Whip and being turned inside out.

Cedric Alexander Shows His Heart

Most men would have fallen to that kick, but Alexander fought on. He’d counter Paydirt into a roll-up, getting a two. Benjamin would attempt a powerbomb but Alexander would slip out and hit the Neutralizer kick for a near fall. Alexander would be set up for the Lumbar Check, but Benjamin countered out. Instead, he’d be planted with a Michinoku Driver getting the win.
This was another great match from Shelton Benjamin on Main Event, and a great showing from Alexander, who hasn’t had many good singles showings in 2020. Much like Ricochet vs. Thorne, this would have been a great match on Monday Night RAW. We can only hope Benjamin can get some time on that show after these performances, he’s still as good as ever. Have you been just as impressed with Benjamin as of late? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.
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