WWE Monday Night Raw Recap (6/29) – Andrade and Angel Garza (w/ Zelina Vega) beat the Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar)

Angel Garza pins Erik

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Back from commercial break, the scheduled tag match between the Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) and Andrade and Angel Garza got an early start as the match is already in progress.

Vega joins the commentary team and seems to have a chip on her shoulder as she refuses to answer any questions about her team and acts as though everything is perfectly fine.

A fun match saw some new tactics. Like Ivar polishing Garza’s face with his beard. The Viking Raiders control the action early as they cut the ring in half and beat on Garza, but Garza managed to survive a couple of pin attempts and body slam of Ivar by Erik onto him.

Andrade is tagged in, which Ivar doesn’t see, and has a near pinfall following a superkick.

Andrade continues to try to tag in, but Garza ignores him until Garza is knocked into him. An argument between the two erupts, causing Vega to leave the commentary table to smooth things over.

Back from commercial, it appears Vega was successful in keeping Andrade from leaving the match and Vega was back on commentary.

She claims to be the best manager in WWE history, and continues to refuse to answer any questions about her process or team.

Erik tags in Ivar after taking a beating, and then takes on both Andrade and Garza with some good success until Garza dropkicked Ivar in the back when Ivar spring boarded off the ropes.

After tagging in, Andrade suffered a pair of double teams before gaining the upper hand on Erik. Garza hit the Wing Clipper on Erik for the pinfall.

Causing a Riott

Backstage, Ruby Riott is approached by the IIconics and the pair picked up their old gimmick of insulting Riott and calling her a loser.

Riott counters by pointing out how they lost their tag team opportunity last week, then challenged one of them, saying when the other scrapes up their friend, it’ll be iiconic.

Ric Flair’s plan

We come back from commercial to see Ric Flair approach Vega and her team while they’re discussing things. He says he has an idea he wants to talk to them about.

This obviously means nothing good for the Big Show, but will Angel Garza and Andrade be able or willing to pull it off?

This could be a tall order even for them.

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