WWE Smackdown Live Recap (6/26)

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Hello and welcome to this week’s WWE Smackdown Live Recap! CP Bialois at your service. I’ll be your host this evening as we get ready for what should be an interestig show that’s been teased as a Special Tribute to the Undertaker due to the recent COVID-19 breakout, so we’ll see what’s going to happen tonight and keep you all updated.

Segment 1:

We start out with a montage of Undertaker entrances and career moments, starting with his debut where Ted DiBiase introduced him.

“This time the cowboy really does ride away.” – Mark Calaway (The Undertaker).

We’re going to hear from Edge, Bautista, Roman Reigns, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, John Cena Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, and Mick Foley.

We’re taken back to November 22, 1990 to witness his WWE debut.

The Boneyard Match (The Undertaker’s last match) is next.

Segment 2:

John Cena and Roman Reigns talk about the Undertaker’s passion, and how he is the bar of respect for wrestlers. He always came out and performed his best, and as long as we believe, the Undertaker will be the Undertaker.

Boneyard Match (If you haven’t seen it before, now’s your chance)

Both arrive to the fight, AJ Styles in a hearse, and the Undertaker on a Harley to Metallica’s Now That We’re Dead.

Segment 3:

Edge, Christian, and Bret Hart spoke about how the Undertaker raised the bar every night, and how the mood in the arena would change when the first gong on his music hit.

The Boneyard Match continued as Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson attacked the Undertaker with the help of 6 or so druids. Evenentually, Styles got the upper hand after hitting Tker with a sheet of rock from behind.

Segment 4:

We returned as Kane and Ric Flair claimed the Undertaker character is the best in history.

The Boneyard Match resumed, with Styles nearly burying the Undertaker, but Taker appeared behind him refreshed. He then took out the OC when they climbed to the roof of the barn.

Segment 5:

Undertaker finished the match by burying AJ Styles.

Back in the studio, King Corbin insulted, belittled, and called the Undertaker out. Jeff Hardy attacked him from behind and chased him from the ring.

Segment 6:

Steve Austin and Kurt Angle talk about the Undertaker’s toughness.

Jeff Hardy challenged King Corbin in the main event.

Smackdown WOmen’s championship #1 COntender Fatal Fourway – Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki cross vs. Dana Brooke vs. Lacey Evans.

A fast-apced match saw Nikki Cross get the rollup on Lacey Evans and she will face Bayley at Extreme Rules for the Smackdown Women’s Championship/

Segment 7:

Triple H talked about Undertaker’s respect for the business, and Shawn Michaels said you had to respect him for what he accomplished.

Eight Man Tag Team Match – New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E) and Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado) vs. Cesaro and Shunsuke Nakamura and The Miz and Morrison

After some great tag team action and athleticism, Kngston is down and Cesaro, Nakamura, Miz, and Morrison taunted their opponents.

Segment 8:

More athelticims and speed continued as Lince Dorado hit Mix with an elbow drop for the win.

Corbin insulted the Undertaker and Jeff Hardy in one breath in a backstage interview, and Braun Strowman has entered the arena.

Segment 9:

Strowman debuts a new entrance video.

He then tells us how it was when he met Bray Wyatt and how he’s true evil. He then challenged Wyatt to return to the swamp for their final showdown.

It ended with Strowman wearing a psychotic look and laughing along with Wyatt’s recorded laughter.

Segment 10:

Bautista and Mick Foley share their thoughts and they’re grateful for have the chance to face the Undertaker.

Jeff Hardy vs. Baron Corbin (Sheamus’ advertised toast to Jeff Hardy was moved to next week)

Corbin dominated the match so far, and after sending Hardy out of the ring, he knelt to mock the Undertaker once more. Wanna bet the Deadman shows up at some point?

Segment 11:

THe Undertaker didn’t show, but the faces from the locker room came out to offer their support. After taking a beating, Jeff managed to win after hitting a swanton off the top rope for the win.

Corbin then attacked Jeff, and leveled Kingston when he ran into the ring to help. Big E ended Corbin’s run with a Big Ending, and others partook in hitting Corbin with finishers. These incudes Braun Storwman and Matt Riddle.

Jeff then struck the Undertaker’s kneeling pose in tribute as the Deadman’s image appeared on the titantron.

A pretty good show despite the issues they’ve had to deal with and moving segments around. It was great to see the Boneyard Match again, as well as hearing what other legends think of the Undertaker. While I won’t believe he’s really retired until the next WrestleMania is behind us, I wish Mark Calaway nothing but the best. Thank you for all the years and excitment.

What are your thoughts? Was it a fitting tribute our should they have dedicated more of the show to the Undertaker? Let us know in the comments.

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