WWE Smackdown Preview (6/26) – A Special Tribute to The Undertaker

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WWE Smackdown Preview (6/26) - A Special Tribute to The Undertaker

As unfortunate as the situation is for this to happen, it is pretty awesome that they are going to air a special tribute to the Undertaker. Whether this is intended to be the full two hours is anyone’s guess at the moment, but one really cool thing about it is they’re also airing the Undertaker and AJ Styles’ Boneyard Match from WrestleMania 36.

Superstar career

The Undertaker has had a career for the ages as he’s wrestled for four decades in the WWE beginning on November 22, 1990. He’s given us some of the most memorable matches in history like Hell in a Cell with Mankind, his feud with Kane, Austin, and the Rock. His entrances are some of the best ever and reign in a league all their own.

But he also brought a sense of responsibility and leadership to the locker room. During the late 90s, it was said that if someone did something out of line they’d be sent to the Principal’s Office. The Principal was said to be the Undertaker.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been treated to his thoughts, memories, and hopes in the WWE Network series “Undertaker: The Last Ride.

In this documentary series, he said he doesn’t see a reason to get back in the ring and everyone from fans to other wrestlers have take to social media with the message “Thank you Taker.”

Not retired yet

While this tribute is deserved, it’s also the WWE milking out the implied retirement for all it’s worth. But he also recently signed a 15 year contract (expires when he’s 70 or so) and many don’t believe he’ll walk away without a huge spotlight because that is what he deserves. He deserves that one final match surrounded by fans chanting and cheering his name.

So, while we’re enjoying the tribute tonight that’ll most likely show some of his greatest moments and matches, we’ll be waiting for the other shoe to drop. We’re of the thought that he’ll return for a final match ideally at WrestleMania 37, but we think it’d be appropriate if they can hold Survivor Series on November 22 and he has his last match then and retires exactly 30 years after his WWE debut. Against who is the question, but it’d be perfect if he faced Kane or teamed with him against say, Steve Austin and The Rock. The Latter two are still in great shape and it’d be an awesome sendoff for Taker and fans.

Until then, we’re going to kick back and relax and enjoy the wonderful memories the Undertaker has given us over the years.

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