WWE Speculation: Was Heath Slater Involved In Framing Jeff Hardy?

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Heath Slater is still locked down to WWE for another month, riding out his non-compete clause with the company. While he has been staying home, building up hype for a potential Impact Wrestling debut, and getting into the best shape of his career, he still could be called in to help with WWE. We’ve seen others like Drake Maverick & Sarah Logan appear on WWE TV following their releases, with Maverick signing back on after a run in the Cruiserweight Championship tournament.

Could Heath Slater Have Been Involved With Framing Jeff Hardy?

Now Slater has made a tease on Instagram. The caption reads “Be prepared…”, WWE is tagged in the picture, and he’s dressed in a black sweater, with his red hair and beard visible. That is the exact description that was given by bystanders who say who ran down Elias to frame Jeff Hardy. Suspicions jumped right to Sheamus, he was feuding with Hardy, and referencing his past struggles with drugs and alcohol. He absolutely made sense as the culprit. But this single Instagram post has created some doubt. While Sheamus was involved, he very well could have not been working alone.

If Slater was given a role in this feud, perhaps showing up tonight during the match between Hardy & Sheamus at Backlash, he would finally have another role in WWE. He was burnt out creatively, and sick of not being able to actually show what he can do in the ring. This would be a more serious role for Slater, which could be all he really needed to be convinced to come back.

Slater Could Just Be Drawing Attention To Himself

This hasn’t been the only time that Slater tagged WWE in a post since being released, but the last time was just celebrating the 10 year anniversary of The Nexus. While this could just be Slater messing around and drumming up suspicion to get people talking about him, keeping him in the conversation, there is a chance we see a new version of Slater tonight at Backlash. It could be a one off, it could be a bigger role. We just need to wait and see if he’s actually going to show up.

Do you think Heath Slater could have worked alongside Sheamus to help frame Jeff Hardy? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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