AEW Dynamite Results: Eddie Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes

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Cody Rhodes has been having a fantastic 2020 so far. He’s the first TNT Champion, and he’s having one of the best reigns in AEW history. Lance Archer, Jungle Boy, Ricky Starks, Marq Quen, Jake Hager, and Sonny Kiss have already stepped up, and all have fallen. Now, Tony Khan is hyping up an indy wrestling legend stepping up to face Rhodes.

This would be Eddie Kingston, a man with eighteen years of experience in the wrestling industry, who is making his first big apperance for a major company. Would he make the most of it?

The American Nightmare vs. The Mad King

Eddie Kingston would make his prescence known in a way only he can, by cutting an incredible promo. He’d detail how hard his upbringing was, while Cody had the silver spoon. He’s facing a grown ass man this week, and he’s going to put Cody in the ground. Tony Khan handpicked Kingston, and now he’s going to take the TNT Championship.

With the offer of a no DQ match on the table, Kingston would goad him into that, and jump Cody as the bell rings. There will be no room for Cody to play the heel in this one as a wild brawl breaks out, with Kingston throwing heavy hands and raking the eyes.

A No DQ Brawl

Even when they got back in the ring, Kingston would take Cody down and throw more right hands, then put him in the corner for heavy chops. Cody would dodge the spinning backfist and hit the disaster kick and follow it up with the Tope Suicida.

Cody would go to the top rope and hit a missle dropkick in the ring, then take the weight belt off to use as a weapon, fully legal in this one. However, it’d end up in the hands of Kingston, who would whip Cody like a government mule, as Jim Ross would say.

Kingston would rip up the padding on the outside and look for a powerbomb on the concrete, only to be backdropped on it instead. Cody would lose control after having his eyes raked, and back in the ring he’d be dumped on his head with a backdrop driver.

Eddie Kingston Is Controling This One

Kingston would maintain control of this match, pummeling Cody, not letting him get up. However, Rhodes don’t give up, it’s not in their DNA. However, a hurt knee could mess up his winning plans.

A quick kick to the hurt knee would stun Kingston, but Cody would be turned inside out with a lariat and locked in the Stretch Plum, a tribute to Kawada. A kick to the spine would keep Cody down before applying a dragon sleeper. Cody would fight out of this hold, counter out of a backdrop and attack the injured knee with a chop block. He’d try to throw Kingston across the ring, but Kingston wouldn’t make it.

Time For Things To Get Extreme

However, Kingston was playing possum and would low blow Cody and follow up with a DDT, before going outside for a weapon. He’d grab a cloth bag, and pour thumbtacks all over the ring.

Cody would be powerbombed onto the thumbtacks, wincing in pain, now resembling a pin cushion more than a champion. A backdrop driver would see Cody get a shot of fighting spirit as he hits fourth gear and hits a lariat. He’d lock in the Figure Four in the middle of the ring, and the injured knee couldn’t hold up. Cody gets his sixth defense of the TNT Championship.

This was Cody’s toughest match yet, and Kingston proved just how strong he is. Ricky Starks left his match with Cody with a contract, and after being handpicked by Tony Khan, we can only hope the same fate awaits Kingston. Does Kingston fit into AEW? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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