AEW Dynamite Results: The Inner Circle vs. Jurassic Express

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It’s the main event! Last week while on commentary, Chris Jericho would pick a fight with Jurassic Express, insulting them during their match with The Elite. That could end poorly for him, as now he’ll get into the ring alongside Jake Hager to face Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus. Who would leave with a tag team victory?

Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy Have The Chemistry Edge, But Not Experience Edge

While they’re facing two hard foes, Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy have much more tag team experience. Jungle Boy & Jericho would start, with Jericho going for an early cheap shot. He’d beat down his rookie opponent in the corner, before two quick arm drags and a dropkick would drop Jericho. Hager would be tagged in, Luchasarus would follow.

The two big men would slug it out in the ring, neither having a clear advantage. They were as equally matched as they come, but Hager would grab an early ankle lock, but very close to the ropes. A tag to Jericho would see the leg be targeted, and it would be tag team 101. Find the limb and break it.

Luchasarus would now find himself in trouble early. He’d be isolated by Inner Circle, with his left leg being abused. Jungle Boy could end up in a handicap situation, especially after a comeback would be snuffed out with a low chop block.

Jungle Boy Gets Isolated

Luchasarus would finally get the tag, and Jungle Boy would explode with the hot tag. He’d try to take out all of Inner Circle, and get a two count on Chris Jericho. Hager would occupy the referee, and Stunt managed to use this to hit a hurricanrana, sending Jericho right into a roll up by Jungle Boy for a two count.

Stunt would be taken out by Jericho, and we’d go to a commercial break. During this, we’d see Matt Hardy loom above this match as Jungle Boy would be isolated by Inner Circle. He’d suffer the same fate as Luchasarus earlier, while Luchasarus gets a chance to recoup on the apron.

Jungle Boy would be desperate for a tag, but would be bullied with chops but counter a superplex as he went for a crossbody onto Jericho. He wouldn’t make the tag though, as he’d be wiped out with a lariat as Hager came in, and it’d be back to square one. A slick counter into an inside cradle, and would nearly make it to Luchasaurus for the tag.

Luchasaurus Has To Save This Match

Jake Hager would now make his way back into this match, and stop the tag from happening. However, a double DDT countering a double back drop? That’d make the tag easier than ever.

Luchasarus would come in ready to go, leg feeling better. He’d take the fight to both men, and get the upper hand. A hook kick to Jericho, a roundhouse to Hager, Hager would be back up quickly to drop Luchasaurus with a slam. Jungle Boy would use what he had left for a diving forearm, taking out Hager.

This would come down between Jericho & Luchasarus, with a masked man hitting Luchasaurus from behind. A codebreaker would end his, and that wasn’t Serpentico like the mask would show.

Sammy Guevara Is Back To Aid The Inner Circle

The mask would come off after a brawl, and it’s Sammy Guevara! Best Friends & Orange Cassidy would rush the ring to save Jurassic Express.

This all sets up a huge five on five tag team match for next week. Best Friends, Orange Cassidy, Luchasarus and Jungle Boy vs. The Inner Circle at full power. Who will win this huge coming match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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