AEW Dynamite Results: WARHORSE vs. Cody Rhodes [TNT Championship Match]

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Since becoming the TNT Champion, Cody Rhodes has won a lot of fans over. Week after week he goes out and has incredible matches with everyone from Jake Hager to Eddie Kingston. It’s an open challenge, so that has every wrestler wanting a piece of Cody, and a shot at the TNT Championship. One man who’s taken advantage of that is WARHORSE.

The dynamic independant wrestler would have fans rally behind him, using the hashtag #CodyFearsWARHORSE. After weeks of ducking him, he faces the reigning IWTV Champion right on Dynamite. Would he make this huge match a win?


WARHORSE came ready for the biggest match of his life, and he’s got one goal: rule the ass of Cody Rhodes. Justin Roberts would do his best thrash metal impression during the ring intro while he headbanged wildly, and we’d be into the 7th defense of the TNT Championship quickly.

A lockup would favour Cody early on, with him controlling the match to start. However, WARHORSE isn’t one to take lightly, which Cody would do. He’d give the cocky break in the corner, and get chopped in the back of the neck.

Cody would respond with a sunset flip in the corner, with WARHORSE countering into a Jacknife cover. He’d hit a big armdrag and hold control for a moment. It would show that in the early goings, they were almost evenly matched at this point.

Cody Rhodes Was Losing His Head

Arn Anderson would look to level Cody, who was getting frusturated. They’d run the ropes, and some misdirection would allow WARHORSE to nail a huge lariat.

Throughout the commercial break, WARHORSE would maintain control with some hard strikes. Cody would counter a back suplex and retake control, propping WARHORSE on the top rope, and would get a big superplex off the top rope.

Now that Cody was focused on the match, he’d be doing much better, having complete control of the relative rookie. The crowd would remain behind WARHORSE however, helping him to rally back into the match and break a single leg crab.

Don’t Count WARHORSE Out

Cody would apply a figure four, but WARHORSE would have a sudden counter as he reversed the pressure. A big dropkick would stun Cody, as he’d hit some big running clothelines in the corner. Three nice strikes would drop Cody, and he’d get stomped hard in the ring.

WARHORSE would climb the ropes, but spend too much time grandstanding. Cody would slip out of the ring, but take a double stomp to the back, and be sent right back in. Going back up high, he’d go for the huge elbow drop for a 2.9 count. He was centimeters away from the biggest win of his career.

Cody was not ready to this level of fight, and he’d almost get caught again after some more counters from WARHORSE who had him scouted. A missed double stomp would hurt the knee, and Cody Rhodes would apply the Figure Four Leg Lock for the win.

Matt Cardona?!

While WARHORSE isn’t leaving with a win, he did take one of the best in the world today to his limits. This was a breakout match for him, but Dark Order would invade. He’d try to fight them off, but be taken out. Cody as well would fall, but as Arn was ready to fend them off, Matt Cardona (f.k.a Zack Ryder) would make the save!

Cardona would be in the best shape of his career, and would be on the side of Cody, rekindling an old friendship. Will we see Cardona challenge for the TNT Championship next? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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