AEW Fight For The Fallen Results: Chris Jericho Makes Announcement

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Chris Jericho has had a rough year so far. He lost his AEW Championship, the Inner Circle lost the Stadium Stampede, and he almost lost a main event match to Orange Cassidy! However, it takes more than this to stop ‘Le Champion, and he remains a highly ranked singles competitor within AEW. He could easily get a shot at the AEW or TNT Championships without much resistance, which many feel this announcement is leading too.

Chris Jericho Brought The Inner Circle Along

Jake Hager is off his 10 day suspension, and alongside Santana & Ortiz, The Inner Circle is at 80% power. Chris Jericho would be carrying a jug of Orange Juice as well. He’d remind everyone that he had one of the best matches in AEW history against Orange Cassidy last week, and say he not only won the match, but the ratings war.

After poking fun at wrestling fans obsessions with ratings and calling himself The Demo God, he’d get to business. He said he made Orange Cassidy look like a star, and knows what people want. Orange Cassidy wants a rematch, AEW wants a rematch, most fans want the rematch, but Jericho doesn’t want it. He had his chance but he wasn’t good enough.

Is Chris Jericho Scared Of Orange Cassidy?

The crowd chants that he is scared of Orange Cassidy, but the demo god is never scared. He’d pour one out for the dead career of Orange Cassidy, before OC would stroll out of the ringside area. No fear in his eyes, while Jericho looked a bit concerned. Jericho would tell him that he doesn’t have what it takes to beat him, he’s just too damn lazy.

There will never be a rematch according to Jericho, and he should just shove his sunglasses up his ass and get out of his arena. OC would give him a thumbs down, the world’s largest pool of freshly squeezed orange juice would soak The Inner Circle. He ruined a 7000$ jacket, and he’d be thrown an Orange Cassidy towel to dry off with. We might get this rematch after all.

Do you think Orange Cassidy could win the rematch? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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