AEW Fyter Fest Results: Dark Order vs. SCU

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AEW Fyter Fest Results: Dark Order vs. SCU

Colt Cabana is starting to see what Dark Order has to offer him. His last tag team match with Mr. Brodie Lee lead to him breaking his losing streak, when they beat Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss, with Brodie offering him the pinfall. This week, he’ll end up deeper in the web of Dark Order as he faces old friends in SCU members. He made his AEW in-ring debut alongside them facing Dark Order, and now the roles are reversed.

Before the match, Cabana would be attacked backstage, leading to massive bruises on his ribs. Mr. Brodie Lee doesn’t know who attacked him, but promises this would never happen if he was in the Dark Order. He’s cleared to compete, and Brodie expects him out there. The tendrils of the Dark Order wrap around Cabana ever more, and he would march too battle while wincing in pain.

Colt Cabana Is The Weak Link

Stu Greyson would start the match with Christopher Daniels, with Daniels getting the upperhand with an arm drag, before being run over with a forearm and dropped with a dropkick. Daniels would come back with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker, before tagging in Kazarian. Greyson would fight out, and be German Suplexed after a sneaky kick from Scorpio Sky. Greyson would be isolated, but not for long. Colt Cabana would enter the match, and use his misdirection tactics, but the waistlock would shut him down easy given the giant bruise on his ribs.

Cabana would be near useless due to pain, and fall into the corner as this fell into a huge brawl. During this melee, Sky would be hit with a half & half suplex from Brodie Lee, and Cabana would get a near fall as we went to the commercial break.

Dark Order Takes Another One

Coming back from the break, Brodie Lee would be in the match and Sky would be in deep trouble. He’d be hit with a huge driver from Brodie Lee, as Greyson flew in with a frog splash. With Sky isolated, Cabana would re-enter the match, but Sky would hit a spin kick to the gut and a neckbreaker, shutting him down instantly. Brodie Lee would come in alongside Kazarian, who didn’t fear The Exalted One and hit him with a big DDT.

One kick from Brodie would change the complexion of this match, but teamwork from SCU would help them have a chance against Brodie. Greyon would tag in and be hit with a cutter by Kazarian. Things would break down into chaos, with Dark Order on the ropes. Daniels would go for the Best Moonsault Ever on Greyson, but Cabana can atleast break up a pinfall. Brodie would take out Daniels with a discus lariat, and instruct Greyson to tag in Cabana, who gets another pinfall victory.

This put a smile on the face of Cabana who is realizing Dark Order means success. You have to wonder though, was it the members of Dark Order who beat him down, just to make this win mean more for Cabana? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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