AEW Fyter Fest Results: Joey Janela vs. Lance Archer

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Lance Archer failed on his original goal within AEW, when he didn’t defeat Cody Rhodes in the finals of TNT Championship tournament, and has been rather quiet since that match. However, leave it to Joey Janela to provoke the Murderhawk Monster, and that was exactly what he did. Janela isn’t afraid to take a beating, and he’s able to dish one out too, but will he be able the get the biggest win in his AEW career tonight?

Lance Archer Makes Things Personal

Lance Archer would make things personal from the start, coming out with Joey Janelas tag team partner, Sonny Kiss. Kiss would be thrown into the ring, and used to take out Janela before rolling to safety. Archer would kick Janela out as the bell rings, but he’d be right onto Janela. Throwing him into the barricade, then back into the ring.

A jumping elbow would prevent Archer from getting in the ring, as would a dropkick through the bottom rope. Janela would dive onto Archer from the top rope, taking the big man down before grabbing a table. He’d grab a chair next, but referee Paul Turner would take it from him, not wanting to end this in a DQ. This distraction was all it took for Archer to regain control, throwing Janela into the middle of the ring. He’d hit the ropes and come back with a pounce, nearly sending Janela through the ropes and the table.

Janela would be near lifeless at this point, with Archer beating the tar out of him. Archer could end this whenever he wanted, with Janela barely able to throw chops, and being sent to the ground with a single blow. He would enjoy punishing Janela though.

Joey Janela Attempts A Comeback

Some running elbows from Janela would seem to indicate a comeback, but he’d be thrown across the ring. Sonny Kiss would run a distraction, and Janela hit a rolling elbow, before hitting the ropes with a lariat. That wouldn’t work, so he’d kick at the knees before trying again. Archer would try for Blackout, and Janela would counter before impact and get a near fall.

Jake Roberts would yell for Archer to end this, as Janela hits a superkick followed by a running knee strike. Roberts would distract the referee, Janela would hit a senton and Kiss would sneak in for a 450 splash, but this only got a near fall. Janela would go back up top, but Archer would grab him and hit Blackout through the table outside. Rolling him back in the ring, Janela would be easily pinned.

This was exactly the type of match expected of Janela & Archer, a car crash brawl done perfectly. Janela got to show his ability as a plucky underdog, and Archer was reestablished as a monster after his loss to Cody. Not much to complain about here, and we might see Sonny Kiss step up to Archer next. Do you think Kiss could beat Lance Archer? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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