AEW Fyter Fest Results: Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho

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AEW Fyter Fest Results: Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho

Sometimes, wrestling just offers up something so bizzare, yet perfect. This sums of Orange Cassidy perfectly, as well as this match with former AEW Champion, and wrestling legend Chris Jericho. It feels like something that shouldn’t work, but this has been built up to a proper main event level match, and their brawl from two weeks ago was fantastic. When he’s trying, OC is incredible, and he’s going to try this time. Probably. If he doesn’t, he’ll eat a Judas Effect and lose within seconds.

We won’t know until the bell rings, truly anything can happen here. OC would wear the bloody shirt from the brawl, take his glasses off, and send Best Friends to the back, with them likely only coming back out if Santana & Ortiz try to get involved. They would accompany Jericho the ring, and he’d also have Floyd, his trusty bat.

Orange Cassidy Is Really Trying This Time

The King of Sloth Style would start this match like usual, very slowly. He’d put his hands in his pockets, and headbutt Jericho before hitting the ropes, and diving over Jericho, hands still firmly in pockets. The dropkick would be hit, and Jericho sent to the outside to be hit with the Suicide Dive. OC would hit fast and hard, and hit the diving crossbody.

However, the swinging DDT would be countered into the Liontamer. OC would inch his way to the ropes, and breaks the hold. While Jericho distracted the referee, Ortiz would use the madball to nail OC right in the back, and Jericho grabbed a one count.

Now focusing on the back, a suplex would leave OC downed. He’d fight back, but his opening momenteum was killed. A backbreaker would be followed by some trash talk, then he’d lay in heavy chops in the corner before throwing him across the ring. He was truly beating the pulp out of OC.

Everyone Loves A Comeback Story, Except Chris Jericho

OC is not one to just lay down and take a beating, even if he loves laying down. When thrown into the corner again, he’d use his uncanny agility to float over the top rope. Jericho closed in fast, only for OC to jump over him and grab the rollup. An inside cradle would follow, getting two close falls. Another quick pinfall would show the technical brilliance of Orange Cassidy, nearly getting the win again.

Jericho would go back to brawling, but OC would try to hit the Superman Punch, his speed sending him to the outside when he missed. A baseball slide would send him into the barricade, head hitting hard as we went to the commercial break. The comeback was dead again.

Orange Cassidy Suckered Jericho In

Coming back from the break, Jericho would lock in the abdominal stretch, and use the ropes for extra leverage. Referee Aubrey Edwards would see this, and kick the arm away, having no time for Jericho’s heel nonsense. This left an opening for OC to hit a hip hoss and regain some control.

They would trade shots before Jericho would send OC to the apron once again, and then send him flying into the barricade again. Santana & Ortiz would talk some trash, before Jericho threw him into the barricade again. OC would kick out of a cocky pinfall, then be beat down. A slap to face would wake him back up, and he’d give Jericho some strikes. OC would take advantage of an opening with a frankenstiner, and place his hands back in the pockets. He’d launch some signature devastating kicks to the legs, before nailing a perfect superkick to an unsuspecting Jericho for a very near fall.

Going to the top rope, OC would be intercepted, and Jericho looked for a Superplex. He’d be shoved off, and OC hit a huge splash for another very near fall.

Battling Until His Last Breath

OC would find himself on the apron again shortly after this, with Jericho looking for the triangle dropkick. This would be scouted, and Jericho would crash to the ground this time. OC would springboard off the ropes, taking out Jericho, Santana & Ortiz. A diving DDT would get a 2.9 count, with Jericho barely getting the shoulder up.

He’d pull off the elbow pad and go for the finishing blow, but Jericho would catch him in the Liontamer. Jericho would have him in the middle of the ring, but he’d refuse to lose and counter into an inside cradle for a two count. A big elbow to the face would drop Jericho, but OC wouldn’t have enough to capitalize. Santana would throw Orange Juice in the face of OC, and Best Friends had seen enough, and Brawl ensued. This would distract the referee, and Jericho would hit OC with Floyd and then the Codebreaker. OC would kick out at 2.9!

Something Has To Give Eventually

Jericho would drop OC with a back elbow and look for the Lionsault, but there wouldn’t be anyone to hit. OC hits a Michinoku Driver, and gets another near fall. Neither man wanted to lose this and it shows. They’d be on their knees and trade shots, before Jericho went for a suplex, only for OC to counter into a stunner. The swinging DDT would get another near fall, as Edwards would be unphased laying in OJ to count the pin. Finally, Jericho would hit the Judas Effect out of nowehere, and finally end this match.

Orange Cassidy wrestled the perfect match, easily the best of his career, even better than his match with PAC from AEW Revolution. It shows just how valuable he is to AEW, and why no opponent should overlook him. This also shows how valuable Jericho is, as he just helped to define another star.

Do you think Orange Cassidy is a future champion in AEW? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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