AEW Fyter Fest Results: Private Party vs. Santana & Ortiz

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On a PPV level card like the first night of Fyter Fest, something like Private Party vs. Santana & Ortiz stands out. It’s a match with lower stakes, no major rivalary, and frankly not as much hype as the rest of the card that surrounds it. For that reason, it’s one to watch. The four men involved are some of the best tag team specialists AEW has to offer, and they’re going to do everything they can to show the world why they’re not to be overlooked. Whoever wins this match is sure to climb the AEW tag team ratings, but both are sure to give their all. Matt Hardy would be in the corner of Private Party for this match, hoping to give this young team some extra motivation.

Fast Paced Tag Team Action From The Opening Bell

With these two teams, there was never going to be much time taken to get this match started. Kassidy would start with Santana, with Santana giving Kassidy one free shot to start a slap would start things, and things would get moving in a hurry. We’d get out first taste of tag team chemistry, as Quen would jump off the back of Kassidy to deliever a dropkick to Ortiz, before Kassidy dived off Quen to take out both the opponents. Quen would enter the match and hit a standing moonsault, before tagging Kassidy back in. A Manhattan Drop from Quen & step up enzuguri from Kassidy would drop Santana.

However, Santana still had plenty of fight, and would fight back with some chops. Ortiz would catch Kassidy on the ropes, and after being tagged in, would hit a huge DDT, and Santana would hit a German Suplex for good measure. Kassidy would find himself wrapped up in a submission from Ortiz, all his momenteum gone. Quick tags in and out would keep Kassidy away from Quen, and tag team manuevers would grind him down twice as fast. Santana & Ortiz’s chemistry is second to none, and they know every trick in the wrestling book.

Kassidy has heart though, and was able to break free and tag in Quen who came in ready to clean house. A few dropkicks sent his opponents to the outside, and a Flosbury Flop over the top rope took out Santana, with Quen bouncing back to his feet to follow up. He’d springboard over Santana, but miss the blind tag. After attempting a sunset flip, he’d be sandwiched with kicks. Kassidy would be brought into the ring, and both members of Private Party would end up in submissions until the referee regained some order in this match.

Santana & Ortiz Take Complete Control

Quen would be help in the Gory Special by Ortiz, who would tag in Santana. Some hard chops to a defenseless Quen would be followed up with another submission attempt, but he’d manage to tag in Kassidy. Santana would take plenty of shots in the middle of the ring, before Kassidy would take Ortiz off the apron. He’d go for a springboard moonsault, but Santana slipped to the outside. Kassidy would land on his feet, and send himself over the top rope with a spin for extra speed right onto his opponents. Ortiz would be sent back into the ring, only to be hit with a senton bomb off the top rope for a near fall. Quen would be tagged in, as Ortiz would be propped up on the top rope, with Santana saving him.

A powerbomb off the middle rope would be follow up with an throw into the turnbuckle, before Santana would dive off the back of Ortiz for the big cannonball senton. Quen was smashed like a bowl of eggs at this point, and a double facebuster would need Kassidy to break up a pin to keep Private Party in this match. Santana would look to use a filled bag to bludgeon Quen, but Matt Hardy would grab this from him. The distraction allowed Quen to roll up Santana for a two count, but he’d be stopped with kicks. The Streetsweeper would be attempted, with Kassidy saving his partner. Santana would still be on the top rope, and one Gin & Juice later, Private Party get the win.

This was a fast paced and excellent tag team match, much like MJF & Wardlow vs. Jurassic Express earlier in the night. AEW does this style of match perfectly, and it’s always a great time. Will this win raise the stock of Private Party? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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