Amid Covid-19: Expo Todo de Lucha Will Happen

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Expo Todo de Lucha features Mexican legends, current luchadors, and legendary merchandise of Lucha Libre. 

Here’s Atlantis talking about the Expo in 2018

“It is a sport that has already become part of the culture of Mexico. I will be signing autographs this Friday and on Saturday in the stellar fight alongside Mil Máscaras and Dos Caras against Negro Casas, Último Guerrero, and Scorpio Jr.”

Even though Mexico is currently in orange light, with a rising tide of Covid-19 cases, Expo Todo de Lucha will happen. Here’s the report by Super Luchas:  

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the entire world of wrestling throughout the planet and many members of the guild are looking for a way to survive, so the Expo Todo de Lucha was announced in Mexico City.

A group of luchadors, vendors and other members of the fighting family, decided to organize an event on August 1 at the Mercado Urbano Bolivar 45. In this place, fans can get official items from their favorite gladiators and support the economy of esthetes. They have been unable to generate income due to the lack of wrestling events.

However, as expected, this expo has raised a lot of controversy, as mass events are currently prohibited and it is even recommended not to leave the house, unless necessary.

Knowing this, but also with the need to generate some money to be able to survive the remaining time without there being any proper functions, the organizers created measures for the attendees, which seek to avoid any contagion by Covid-19.

The rules for the Expo Todo de Lucha on August 1 are the following: 

-The entrance will be from 12:00 on the day, the last group will enter at 16:15.
-The correct use of face masks is mandatory for all attendees and should not be removed except in the food area.
-The antibacterial gel will be delivered on admission and the mouthpiece will be checked for proper placement.
-Groups of a maximum of 35 people will be formed to enter the event (tokens will be distributed with the corresponding entry time).
-The groups, without exception, will remain inside for a maximum space of 40 minutes (after the departure of each group, the area will be cleaned).
-The following group will be able to enter the craft area of ​​Mercado Urbano Bolivar 45 15 minutes before and then enter with the gladiators.
-Entry and exit routes must be respected.
-The photos will have to be with distance, contact with the fighters is not allowed.

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