Another Mexican Arena Is Breaking the Covid-19 Regulations

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We reported yesterday about a Mexican Arena in San Luis Postosí that’s been having shows without the proper regulations. The  Arena Margarita featured at least 450 fans and over 45 wrestlers. 

Now, another Mexican Arena, this time with wider space, faces criticism for breaking the Covid-19 regulations in the country. The Coalcaco Arena in San Franciso is getting a lot of public press for their wrestling without any physical separation or sanitization measures. 

Lucha Blog reports on the situation:

This is only slightly different than the Arena Margarita shows in San Luis Potosi before in that they’re outdoor shows, but it seems like the same situation of a promotion just going on like normal and getting away with it because no one in charge wants to deal with it. (Like Arena Margarita, it’s unlikely anyone is making much money off these shows; it’s just something to do.) The information on this show is public because a photographer showed off photos without a care on his Facebook page. You can scroll through the rest of his page to see plenty of others to see plenty of other shows he’s attended and posted. The commissions have largely been reactive rather than proactive; this show getting attention will likely get Arena San Francisco shut down for a time, but scrolling through Facebook for obvious other red flags is unlikely to occur. (And there are other shows going on where no one’s dumb enough to brag about them online, but people in wrestling can find out easily enough and choose not to know.) 

Meanwhile, Super Luchas pleaded for the authorities to step in. They report: 

A land that functions or served as a mechanical workshop or junkyard is what houses the peculiar Arena. After passing a natural unevenness, there is the arena of the San Francisco Arena, escorted to the four flanks by folding chairs and two by small metal stands, it will have a maximum capacity of 200 people on its good days.

Rarely will you see a sign with names of the CMLL or AAA in the said arena, since this property has been characterized by promoting local talent, although many independent figures have actually stepped into the property.

Foco de infección de Coronavirus en Coacalco

Here’s how the company have broken the rules: 

  • There is no healthy distance, all the fans are on top of each other.

  • You only see a couple of people with mouth masks, one of them having it in the throat not in the airways.

  • Food intake is without the most basic health, some even share it openly.

  • Those who serve the drinks have no face or hand protection.

  • I don’t know how it looks in the images, but the toilet area is very small, and there was a problem with the water a few months ago that we went, we doubt that there is enough for proper hand hygiene.

  • We do not doubt that in order to “comply with all the health measures requested by the authorities” they gave away antibacterial gel when they entered, but do you think it is enough to prevent infections?


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