Brandi Rhodes Gives Some Information On AEW’s Deadly Draw Tournament

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Soon in Impact Wrestling, we will see the women of AEW get a new chance. While they have been steadily improving their women’s division in terms of singles, there is only one women’s tag team. The Nightmare Sisters (Brandi Rhodes & Allie) are all that division has, but that will change.

The Deadly Draw Tag Team Tournament is coming, which will see sixteen women form eight tag teams, and see who is the best. However, there is a very big catch that will make this tournament more interesting.

The Nightmare Sisters Will Likely Not Be With Each Other

The catch in this tournament is that teams will be randomly assigned. This means that an established team like Allie & Brandi Rhodes is unlikely to stick. While speaking with Christy Olson of CHRISTYreports, she’d speak on this.

“We’re going to explain how the teams come together and then you might see a team or two come together. There is the factor that the Nightmare Sisters could maybe not be together in the tournament, since that hasn’t been clear. So we will also see on Wednesday with the rules what that means for the Nightmare Sisters. I’m honestly hoping that we are together, because again, I feel like we’ve just gotten our footing so it would be kind of sad to tear us apart at this point.”

A New Generation Version Of Lethal Lottery?

So this week on Dynamite, all will become clear, but it’s sounding a lot like Lethal Lottery of old. This was an old WCW concept which would act as a prelude to Battle Bowl.

Teams would be made, and the winners would go into a battle royale at the end of the night. This first happened at Starrcade ’91. It would later happen at Battle Bowl ’92 & 93, then finally for Slamboree ’96, the last time it was used.

Due to this, and that AEW pulls a lot from classic WCW, we can assume that at the end of this tournament, we very well could see the winning ladies enter a battle royale to name a #1 contender for AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida.

Cody Rhodes owns the naming rights to Battle Bowl, making this all the easier.

What teams are you hoping to see formed during the Deadly Draw tournament? Do you see it just being the Lethal Lottery for a new era? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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