Chris Jericho Remembers CMLL Deceased Owner Paco Alonso Lutteroth

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Chris Jericho Remembers CMLL Deceased Owner Paco Alonso Lutteroth

One year has passed since the death of Paco Alonso Lutteroth. The former owner of Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) was a pillar for Mexican wrestling.

In the 1990s, Paco Alonso Lutteroth took in some of the biggest stars of the current era. In CMLL, faces like Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, and a young Chris Jericho, developed their high-flying style.

Jericho entered CMLL fresh off Canada and Japan. In CMLL, his was Corazón de León (Lion Heart), as beloved Canadian hotshot. He was beloved by the female fans, appearing in magazines and in the middle of the card in CMLL. Lutteroth believed from the start in the young Jericho. In CMLL, Jericho was tag team partners with Atlantis, Mil Mascara, Dos Caras, and Vampiro. Against him, he faced names like Norman Smiley, Dr. Wagner Jr., Silver King, Negro Casas, among others.

On the one-year anniversary of the death of Paco Alonso Lutteroth, Jericho showed the respect he had for the CMLL owner. Jericho appeared in a pretaped video of CMLL and had this to say:

“Hey its Chris Jericho here, remembering the life of Paco Alonso. And ah… I really loved working for Paco, he is one of my favorite bosses that I have had my entire career and he was the first boss to really give me a chance to succeed on a major level. He made me a main event performer as “Corazón de León ”in CMLL when I was only 22 years old. And he didn’t stall or play any games right off the batt, he put me in the semi main-event at Arena Mexico in my first week or second week in the company.  And then, after that, I was the main event every single week for most of my entire two years in Mexico in CMLL.

So … thank you to Paco Alonso for always treating me so well and for always taking care of me, paying me fairly good[sic], most of the time and just for being an all-around nice guy and always listening to my ideas.. and was always very concerned with how it was doing, how I was feeling, if I liked Mexico and taking care of me, and watching my back. As a result, making me a great star in the whole country of Mexico.

That completely because Paco saw something in me even though I was very very young. He really gave as we called it in wrestling, a push, he gave me a huge push,  which then let me become a star in Japan, Germany, and all across the world.

“So thank you, Paco Alonso, te amo mucho señor, gracias señor [Spanish for I love you very much, thank you, sir], muchas gracias.

I love you, Paco, God bless you, man.”

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