Ciclope: “Deathmatch in Mexico is Not Well Regarded”

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Ciclope is one of the fastest rising luchadors in the deathmatch genre. The Mexican independent wrestler was one of the main stars in the hardcore promotion, Destrucción Total Ultraviolent. 

In the last two years, Ciclope has wrestled internationally. He shipped his deathmatch innovation to the US in Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) and in Japan. 

Ciclope no longer wrestles for DTU, but that hasn’t stopped him from developing as one of the favorites to US and Mexican fans. He debuted another alternative to deathmatch wrestling with Lucha Libre Vanguardia. This promotion had the support of Mas Lucha. 

He recently sat down with Solo Wrestling to talk about his career: 

Before creating Vanguardia, Cíclope worked for a decade for the other large company in Pachuca, Destrucció Total Ultraviolenta (DTU). These were years that the wrestler himself described as “very good” in which he learned “too much”, but when he reached a point he concluded that he had already achieved everything there.

“One day of living with Miedo and Draztick we wanted to do just one show, but Miedo said that if we were going to do things we had to do them well (…) This is how we decided to leave DTU to create something of our own. There is no reason bad for which we left DTU, only that we could not do anything else there and that we wanted to grow in another area, ” he assured. 

To differentiate himself from his old home, Ciclope is clear that the main bet must be on young talent and stories:

“We do not want to fall into just doing shows and scheduling fights just because. Our idea was to build stories and it has worked very well for us. People are very happy and Pachuca’s talent is also for all the opportunities we are giving them. We want to give opportunity to that talent that perhaps has not had until now. Here in Mexico very few companies have stories, of a luchador or a team. We believe this is different. We present these stories to people combined with good struggles. The main objective is to support new talent, as they supported us in the beginning. “

Ciclope also talked about his international explorations with Solo Wrestling and Alejandro Giménez:  

Given the lack of great opportunities in Mexico, many wrestlers are forced to go abroad to succeed and be more valued on their return. In the case of Ciclope, he acknowledged that traveling to Japan completely changed his way of understanding the business. Prior to his Pro-Wrestling FREEDOMS debut, his main goal was to reach the United States, but once he debuted in the land of the rising sun, “a lot of things opened” in his mind.

“In itself, deathmatch in Mexico is not well regarded because here they are very traditional. Many people told us, even people with whom we trained, that we were not going to get anywhere, that we were going to kill ourselves … I remember very well that his teacher told Miedo that he was not going to do anything and when he traveled to Japan he sent him a message. It is a bit sad, but there are also promoters and companies that have trusted us. When we returned from Japan, Konnan sent us a message to be in their ranks and get into a story with Pagano and Lider on TV with AAA that gave us a lot of exposure. It’s sad that you may have to go somewhere else to see what you’re doing. It’s complicated, but nothing in wrestling is ever easy. If you see that the opportunity is not being given to you from where you are, you must leave. Our ‘The Nomads’ shirt already says it: if you are not where you belong, go find what you deserve. “



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