Ciclope Reacts to Canceled Vanguardia Lucha Libre Autoshow

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We reported yesterday about the canceling of the Vanguardia Lucha Libre Autoshow. Because of the current Covid-19 pandemic, Vanguardia decided to take their shows to a private barn with fans sitting in their cars. This same idea has announced by AAA in a press conference. 

It was rumored that Destrucción Total Ultraviolenta (DTU) and Crazy Boy was responsible for the canceling of the show. Both Mexican companies specialize in Deathmatches. Ciclope, who is a former DTU talent decided to found Vanguardia Lucha Libre after exiting the former company. 

Ciclope reacted in Facebook to the canceling of his Vanguardia Lucha Libre show: 

Vanguardia Lucha Libre has been characterized by entertaining the public by giving them a few hours of fun and spectacle, we know that the path of Lucha Libre and this sport, in general, is not easy, unfortunately, it is infested with people who do not want to see you grow by putting on your standing and doing everything possible not to hold an event regardless of whether some wrestlers and staff may bring some money home.

Yesterday it happened to us with our car show, no matter that we complied with all the sanitation measures and recognizing that the public strictly followed the orders not to get out of their car, the show was canceled, the authorities in charge of this commented that someone from the medium (Lucha Libre) was responsible for giving bad notice informing them that a Lucha Libre event was taking place, it should be noted that the property is private property and I repeat all sanitation measures, this is where we asked ourselves and the Bar that was in front because it was giving service? But hey that is already in the background,

We apologize to all the people who assisted in their affairs and that within a few minutes of starting the event I follow orders and they came out carefully really thanks that shows that the fans of Mexico can do things well but this time it was the same fighter who He does not want it to happen.

Yesterday night was sad but it brought us closer as a team as a true family because we not only say it out of teeth, we are family and we show it,

It was a low blow but we will work harder to make this show,

He left this image to motivate us and the next to do much better.

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