CMLL Trying Empty Arena Shows for Restart

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Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) is trying to return to the Lucha Libre scene. The company was trying some exhibition matches last night in Arena Mexico. 

The video was retweeted by Lucha Blog (see below here): 


Lucha Blog wrote about the prospect of CMLL: 

LRT: CMLL appears to be taping matches in an empty Arena Mexico. You can hear the announcers in that clip.

[T]hat appears to be Guerrero Maya & Stuka versus Okumura & Vangellys. Everyone is wearing facemasks.

Fantasma has been pretty consistent about not allowing CMLL to run empty arena matches so this is going to be a thing.

For CMLL, these are the first steps to return. Them (CMLL) and AAA are still in a fragile place, without the big gates and huge arenas, while Mexico City has that many cases, wrestling is still paralyzed. For AAA, the auto shows are their next step; for CMLL, getting back into the Arena Catredal is the next step. 

Here’s a report by Super Luchas

For a few weeks, the CMLL announced that it was carrying out cleaning and sanitation measures in the Arena México, they even claimed to be ready to start working behind closed doors, although it has not been announced when this may be. However, a video of recent days was released where a fight between elements of the company can be seen, in a framework that could mean evidence for an eventual return to wrestling functions in the Cathedral.

Although it might not say much, in the video taken by the user @ ANTONIETO1889 a number of no more than 10 people are seen observing the encounter between Guerrero Maya and Stuka vs. Okumura and Vangellys, all with a healthy distance, we can also see a commentator narrating the combat. 

Lucha Libre AAA announced in recent days to be ready to return to the activity in functions called Auto Lucha, worse so far we had not had any news from the CMLL. This video seems to indicate that the company is working on what would be the possible return of functions without an audience at the Arena México.

Currently, the country’s capital is at an orange light (closer to turning red) due to the coronavirus pandemic, so massive events of any kind are prohibited, even those that are behind closed doors. Even the president of the Mexico City Wrestling Commission, El Fantasma, has indicated that wrestling will not return until the traffic light is yellow.

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