CWA Puerto Rico Requests Extension For Licenses Before Return

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Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) asked the secretary of the Department of Recreation and Sports (DRD), Adriana Sánchez Pares, and the Commissioner of Security, Gerardo Mora, for an extension in the licenses for the talents that participate in Wrestling. CWA, whose members have been in the interest of reforming Wrestling regulations and better regulating the scene, has requested at least a 3-month extension to renew licenses.

It should be noted that on almost all occasions, companies have behaved with a degree of responsibility, while the security commission has demonstrated its incompetence, especially the secretary, Gerardo Mora. As we once wrote that Mora has been an opportunist who reappeared last year when the country’s elections are approaching. Mora threatened talents, like Ricky Banderas (El Mesias), more companies like World Wrestling Council, if they were not properly licensed.

But, as the editor-in-chief of Impacto Estelar, AB Morales, showed in these two days, the Security Commission has run like a joke when it comes to regulating and prohibiting clandestine Wrestling. In a hamlet in the central area of ​​the country, an event was held in the midst of the pandemic, without the appropriate security measures, which even included talents such as former World Wrestling League Heavyweight Champion, BJ, and Fast Foward. (In fact, since the spectacle of Mora’s threats in late 2019, he has once again disappeared from the picture.)

CWA is awaiting the return of Lucha Libre. At 8:00 pm. they have an ad. As we recently highlighted, the return of Lucha Libre is in limbo, depending on the Governor implementing an executive order. Sources within the company have stressed that the return of the CWA will be precarious, taking a new route of safety and not expecting the return with many fans at the event. In other words, there is no greater possibility of seeing recordings with few or no fans than to have a complete show with the recommendations recommended by the DRD and the Government.

CWA is a small promotion that in the past years rose through the ranks of Puerto Rican wrestling. Champions in the company include Jay Lethal, Star Roger, and now, El Cuervo de Puerto Rico. The company at one point was poised to take the number one spot of wrestling after investors tried to tackle WWC from their “Great Depression” and La Liga Wrestling’s chaotic state. Now, their main star if El Cuervo de Puerto Rico, who has wrestled in Mexico and that became famous through a tragedy after an attack by an independent wrestler in the country. 

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