El Hijo del Santo: “It Would Be Difficult to Put the Mask Against Blue Demon Jr.”

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El Hijo del Santo has been putting interesting match-ups for a future mask vs. mask match.

The son on the silver legend wanted to have a match with Atlantis. Later on, Santo proposed a tag team match between him and Atlantis versus Octagon and Fuerza Guerrera. The loser would have to up the mask on the line against his former partner. 

Also, Blue Demon Jr. showed interest in a Lucha de Apuestas against Santo. This didn’t fall well with Santo who said: “Who invited him to the party? It is rude to go where you are not invited!” 

Recently El Hijo del Santo talked about the latter. He said the following about the possibility: 

Note that this match, I do not think it can happen or I would not like it to happen because we are two great banners of Mexican wrestling, first I put Santo because he started his career earlier than Demon, but Blue is a great legend of wrestling, and if at some point in the history of wrestling had faced them mask against mask it would have been sad to see any of them without the mask. 

He later added: 

It is good that in those years it never happened and now the same thing happens with the El Hijo del Santo and Blue Demon Jr. It would be very sad if we saw one of the two without a mask, I think they are two masks that must remain ‘intact’, that’s why I think a lot when I expose the cover. 

On the Atlantis match, which El Hijo del Santo would love: 

The challenge of Atlantis was unexpected, but well I accept because I totally lose it, I will lose it to a great fighter, as is Atlantis, but obviously I always carried the mentality of victory, but definitely with Demon Jr, if it is difficult for us to fight identities. 

It’s fair to suspect that Hijo del Santo doesn’t want anything with Blue Demon Jr. He does have a point in keeping the mask intact. These are two of the most recognizable masks in Lucha Libre. 

Here’s Lucha Blog’s takes on the match: 

El Hijo del Santo told digitalmex (probably reprinted from elsewhere) why a mask match between himself and Blue Demon Jr. could never happen. Is it the money? The ego? The lack of a sturdy promotion to support it? No, it is none of these things. El Hijo del Santo explains that the mask match between them has never and will never happen because the fans would be too depressed if one of them no longer had a mask. He believes that’s why their fathers never faced off either. Strangely, this does not stop Santo from wanting to do that mask match with Atlantis, “because at least I lose it to a great luchador if I lost.” He would absolutely not be losing. 


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