First to Return: Espiritu Pro Wrestling Announces Closed Door Event in Puerto Rico

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The Lucha Libre school and development company, Espiritu Pro Wrestling Dojo, will return during 2020 with a closed-door event in Puerto Rico. 

As has been reported in the country, the pandemic has weakened the possibilities for a Lucha Libre company to return with fans at medium capacity. Many of the large companies on the island depend on the fans that come to them and the money they make at the door.

However, Mike Mendoza’s school is not that case. Although they do tend to charge at their events, much of their design is around developing new talent and exposing them.

Mendoza will bring talents that are currently active with the La Liga Wrestling, such as El Gentil, the former champion of the Americas, Mark Davidson, the young promise Yaide, and the super-cruiserweight champion, “El Atleta” Manú. Also, other regular stars of the company will be present, such as Samuel Olmos and Hijo del Enigma. 

Here’s a synopsis of Mike Mendoza’s promotion

Espiritu [Pro Wrestling Dojo] is a wrestling school started by Mendoza himself back in 2018. The Dojo was an answer of the fallen wrestling school of his grandfather, El Vikingo. The Salvadorian wrestling legend produced many stars in the island, but, sold his iconic gym and close the doors of his wrestling school.

Mendoza brings fresh new air to wrestling and to trainees. He was a freestyle wrestler and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He’s been chosen by companies like World Wrestling Council [WWC] and World Wrestling League [now La Liga Wrestling] as the face of the future and has even had a tryout for WWE. At his Dojo, trainees are taught the basics and modern style wrestling.

One of the many criticisms of wrestling in Puerto Rico is how outdated it is. Many of the head trainers are veterans stuck in the 1980s. At the same time, other schools that try to teach modern wrestling lack legitimacy or the right mentality. No wrestling school has found a better balance that ESPIRITU Pro Wrestling Dojo. One of their unorthodox characters and trainees, El Gentil, has been making waves in the indie wrestling scene and will son debut for WWL.

So far there is no more information about the prospect of this show. It is expected that there will be a type of transmission through social networks (Facebook). One of the managers of the event indicated that it will be broadcast (that it’s already taped) “in a closed group” where “you will have to pay for ATH Móvil to enter.”  

The return of Puerto Rican wrestling appears to have come from an unexpected place, demonstrating the innovation that can be found in young business minds.

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