Heath Slater: Will He Stay, Or Will He Go Now?

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Heath Slater: Will He Stay, Or Will He Go Now?

Heath Slater was one of the many men who were released from WWE in the middle of a global pandemic, and his date to leave WWE for good is July 18th. However, his final apperance would not be a loss to Daniel Bryan earlier this year, as he returned to Monday Night RAW this week. He’d face down his close friend and former 3MB member Drew McIntyre, all while looking more jacked than ever. The impending match which was goaded on by Dolph Ziggler didn’t even last a minute, with Heath having his head kicked off wtih a Claymore. Despite this, he cut a great promo and looked better than ever.

Heath Slater Bulking Up Might Get Him A Bigger Role In WWE

During his time away from the ring, Slater would spend his time being a dad and getting in the best shape of his career. He’s been a constant prescence in WWE for the last decade, and he seemed destined to be a WWE lifer. With his WWE release being brought up last night on RAW, much like how it was brought up with Drake Maverick in NXT. Him getting into the best shape of his life, combined with just how loyal he’s been, how he’s made even the worse gimmick work? That very well might have won him back his job in WWE.

Being aligned with the most dominant WWE Champion in years, and them being on good terms following their war of words and short match, this could lead to Slater entering the upper-midcard of RAW alongside men like Andrade & Dolph Ziggler. That new United States Championship would look great around his waist.

A Great Send Off

On the other hand, we’ve already seen teases of Slater joining Impact Wrestling on July 18th. This could have been just one final send off for one of the best hands WWE has ever had. No matter what it was, Slater put his all into it, and he deserved a proper send off from TV, not just to be quietly removed before showing up elsewhere. Standing in the ring with Drew, and flashing the 3MB hand signal? That’s as good a way there is for Slaters time in WWE to end.

He’s stated in the past he was creatively burnt out from his time in WWE, and he very well could make a major impact elsewhere in wrestling. People have left WWE only to come back better than ever, and that could be the case again with Slater.

Do you think this is the last of Heath Slater within WWE, or is he back around for more than just one short segment with his buddy?Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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