How A Clandestine Arena is Fighting Against the Mexican State

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As we have reported, Mexico City has been paralyzed during the Covid-19 pandemic. But, that did not stop a clandestine arena in San Louis Postosí to run a show at full capacity. 

This violated the law and the local Lucha Libre commission. But, as Lucha Blog reported, the commission did not have any power against the outer state clandestine Arena. 

The show featured at least 45 wrestlers and over 400 fans in the same building, which was a danger to the health of everyone present. 

Here’s a report by R de Rudo

Four hundred and fifty people attended the forty-first edition of the Margarita Arena celebrations. Located at 112 Benito Juárez Street, in the San Antonio neighborhood, in the municipality of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, San Luis Potosí. The announcer, Felipe Morales Pérez, constantly sent greetings, emphasizing the state of the republic in which he found himself.

Unlike the fans who attended the New Japan Pro Wrestling New Japan Cup or Dominion final, there was no seat at the Margarita Arena that separated each person. In addition to this, only 24 people, of all those present, wore a mask. Of the rest of sanitary measures, only when entering and a sprinkler on the roof of the place, to sanitize it. The cartel was made up of 49 luchadors. The contest with the fewest number of gladiators was the main event; three wrestlers and authority. Four people. Phase three of the SARS-CoV2 pandemic prevents more than 10 people from gathering in an enclosed space with poor ventilation.

Lucha Blog reports that how difficult was for the Mexican state to regulate such show: 

Arena Margarita is located in Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, where there is no lucha libre commission. It’s next door to the capital San Luis Potosi, which does have a commission but has no power outside of the city’s borders. The MARKA promotion at Arena Margarita says they got government permission. R de Rudo went to the different authorities and found some said no show was sanctioned and others said a show was allowed only at 25% capacity, but they sent no one to see if that policy was enforced. The building had switched to that 25% standard the past weeks, but this week the show was canceled by the government.

Here’s the current run that the clandestine Arena has had: 

However, the Arena of the San Antonio neighborhood has other data. They have hardly stopped operations in full confinement. It was on March 15 when his last performance was recorded before the break; his confinement lasted 35 days. On April 19, Diosa Quetzal led the return gala; went behind closed doors. The gladiator from Mexico City highlighted, in an interview, the application of disinfectant and antibacterial gel, before going to the ring.

A week later, The Inferno Rockers were announced in the same modality. This was maintained until May 10. For June 14 they received a new green light to operate. The event was named with healthy distance, in which the capacity would be reduced. From advertising, it was invited to wear a mask. This, despite being urged not to carry out massive events for any reason, since March 28, by federal health authorities. The site was occupied by 220 people.

With greater media drag in the region, the visit Cibernetico caused a stir in the fans of the Potosí municipality on Sunday, July 5. One more fill was placed in the arena log, just seven days before the mother function at the site.


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