Impact Wrestling On The Rise And Becoming A Must Watch Show But Are They Taking On Too Many Ex-WWE Wrestlers?

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  • There have been many ups and downs in Impact Wrestling. It has some bad times through its timeline but also some great ones. Now, looking at Impact Wrestling, it looks like it could be back to greatness again. 

This isn’t just to the arrival of the new wrestlers from WWE though. It was showing some great signs of improving for a long time now. With matches with Tessa Blanchard, Brain Cage, Johnny Impact and many more. All these wrestlers have been part of the improvement of Impact Wrestling. 


Could this put Impact back in the running for the best wrestling company?


Looking over the past year, Impact Wrestling has been on the rise for a long time. With a steady increase of quality. Even though some of the wrestlers have left who were a part of this. They have been replaced with some pretty big names that could have a massive impact on the company. 

All of these new wrestlers could really be the push Impact needs to hit that next level. It really does depend on how they book them in future. Three of them are most likely going to be a Tag Team including Good Brothers and Heath Slater joining Rhyno.


Have they taken on too much of WWE’s scraps? 


The little bits left could always be the tastiest. That being said, they could also be the worst. Now that six new WWE wrestlers, it’s hard to predict if they’re going to work well in Impact Wrestling.

Impacts have usually been the place for ex-WWE wrestlers to go, no matter the level of the wrestler. That being said, all these wrestlers have had hints of greatness through their career. If they are given the freedom, they could really prove themselves to be great.  


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