Impact Wrestling Recap (6/30) – Kiera Hogan (w/Sasha Steelz) beat Havok (w/Nevaeh)

Kiera Hogan pinned Havok following multiple kicks

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Impact Wrestling Recap (6/30) – Kiera Hogan (w/Sasha Steelz) beat Havok (w/Nevaeh)

In a feud that’s as confusing at times as it is promising, this match was another addition that pushes their rivalry ahead, but also left us scratching our heads.

The match started out with Havok turning her back on Kiera Hogan while she removed her mask and other gear, and received a dropkick in the back for her efforts. Hogan took advantage and kept Havok on the ropes with quick hitting moves, but she was soon overpowered by Havok.

Havok had little trouble throwing Hogan across the ring, and even backed off Steelz with a scream in her face. The onslaught continues, with Hogan turning the tables a couple of times by managing to get a sleeper hold on Havok that was only broken then Havok rammed her into the corner.

As Havok picked up steam, Steelz also became emboldened, grabbing Havok’s leg when she went off the rope at one point. She received a kick that sent her to the ground for her trouble, but it gave Hogan a chance to mount a comeback before Havok took control again.

Turning point

Following three running boots to a nearly unconscious Hogan in the corner, Havok then slowed things down even more instead of going for the win, and this is where things got strange.

Havok continued to play with Hogan until Steelz climbed on the ring apron wearing Havok’s mask. This enraged Havok, who grabbed her by the throat and forced Steelz to change all sorts of blue colors. Meanwhile, Steelz threw the mask to a recovering Hogan without the referee seeing it.

When Havok let Steelz go and turned around, Hogan hit her in the face with her mask, then discarded the evidence. With Havok on her knees, Hogan then hit her with a series of kicks to a stunned Havok before pinning the Kaiju Queen for the win.

Where was Nevaeh?

As the winners left, Nevaeh was in the ring with Havok, and this brings up a very important question: where was Nevaeh?

We asked the same thing last week when Hogan helped Steelz defeat Nevaeh and Havok was nowhere to be seen when we’d expect her to attack Hogan outside to keep her from interfering. Even is we chalk that one up to them making a mistake, it doesn’t explain this week.

Nevaeh was at ringside, so how did Steelz get Havok’s mask, and where was Nevaeh when Hogan used it?

Sure, it can be explained away that Steelz managed to get the best of her outside the ring, but we didn’t see that. At least, not on Twitch.

This is either bad booking or bad editing. Whatever it is, it’s putting a damper on what looks to be one of the best rivalries in Impact.

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