Impact Wrestling Recap (7/7) – Sami Callihan defeated Josh Alexander (w/Ethan Page)

Sami Callihan hit with a piledriver for the pin

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Impact Wrestling Recap (7/7) – Sami Callihan defeated Josh Alexander (w/Ethan Page)

Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock’s history is complicated at best, so it’s no surprise they have each other’s back while having a healthy dose of distrust toward each other. This was never more apparent than during a segment earlier in the show when Shamrock was looking for Callihan.

When he found him, Shamrock said he’d have his back if he was needed, and Callihan asked what made him so sure he’d need the help. He then laid out three possibilities for him working with Shamrock. One of them was that he thinks they can be the most dangerous tag team in the world.

Shamrock’s good with that, and so are we.

Sami Callihan vs. Josh Alexander (w/Ethan Page)

Callihan tried to turn the match into a brawl early, and nearly succeeded when he sent Alexander over the top rope to the floor. Callihan followed it up by sending Alexander into the barricade, followed by a big boot. But it was a Death Valley Driver on the floor that seemed to have the match locked up for Callihan, but that’s when Page got involved.

With Page distracting Callihan, Alexander managed to hit with a suplex on the ring apron and take control of the match for a time.

The momentum went back and forth as they hit with some of their best moves and the other kicked out, including Alexander putting Callihan in an ankle lock meant as a call out to Shamrock, but Callihan made it to the ropes to break the hold.

Their fight led them to the ring apron once more, and Callihan hit with another piledriver, but Alexander somehow kicked out. Page then jumped into the ring and hit the referee, knocking him unconscious.

Page was about to go after Callihan when Shamrock came out and dragged him from the ring kicking and screaming as Shamrock also locked in an ankle lock.

While Page continued to tap out on the arena floor, Callihan hit with another piledriver and pinned Alexander in time for a newly conscious referee to count three.

With the match over and The North limping into the backstage area, Callihan and Shamrock stood in the ring staring each other down. No matter how much they may complain or deny it, it’s clear they respect each other and this is one of those times where the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

If they can continue to function together and have each other’s backs, the North’s year long reign of Impact’s tag team titles could be in jeopardy at Slammiversary.

This pay-per-view is looking better and better each week, and may surpass the others we’ve recently seen.

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