Impact Wrestling – Wrestle House – Better Than Big Brother?

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Impact Wrestling has started a new reality show within their weekly IMPACT show called Wrestle House, and last night we got to see a lot more of it and it’s awesome!

It appears it’s a basis for Rosemary to further entice John E. Bravo since she instigated things and seemed to keep them going when Taya Valkyrie tried to leave with a cameo by Abyss.

But it’s so much more.

The Cast

Rosemary, John E. bravo, Taya Valkyrie, Kylie Rae, Susie, Cody and Cousin Jake Deaner, Acey Romero and Larry D (XXXL), Alisha Edwards, Crazzy Steve, Johnny Swinger, and their host, Tommy Dreamer.

They’re trapped in a house owned by Tommy Dreamer, who explained it in a fun jab at his ECW days.

Acey Romero: “Is this the House of Hardcore?”

Tommy Dreamer: “No, stupid. This is an investment property. I had to do something with those ECW checks before they bounced.”

And it’s playing up some of the character stereotypes and feuds like between the Deaners (Cody and Cousin Jake) and XXXL (Larry D and Acey Romero).

Cody: “Is this Duck Dynasty?”

Larry D: “No, this is Wrestle House, you idiot! Didn’t you hear the voice?”

Even Crazzy Steve got into it with the burns: “They call me crazy, not desperate.”

But more than hilarious skits and exchanges, it gives wrestlers that aren’t currently being used screen time and even has the occasional match thrown in.


Anytime there’s a conflict that needs to be worked out, Tommy Dreamer’s wrestling sense tingles and he yells out, “MATCH TIME!!”

The first was between Crazzy Steve and Acey Romero over who got to sleep in the ring outside. Apparently, there are only six bedrooms and twelve wrestlers (not including Dreamer), so there was a mad dash to grab space.

Some lost.

Another match was between Cousin Jake and Cody Deaner for the bedroom with admitting they snored as the submission after Jake woke himself up through his snoring. Jake won the match but apologized to Cody, but Cody still had to find other arrangements.

Fans want an hour long show

Fan int eh Twitch chat and youtube channels have been raving about this. Many have said it’s better than Big Brother and should be an hour long and a Netflix series.

Honestly, that would be perfect. This has everything as the wrestlers stay in character and poke fun at reality TV in general.

This is so awesome and has so much potential, we want to see Impact Wrestling work this so it can go long term.

Wonder how long before the WWE “borrows” this idea?

What do you think of Wrestle House? 

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