Into the Vault: WCW SuperBrawl VI

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For the first half of the 90s, WCW ran PPVs in select months and filled in the rest with Clash of the Champions on TBS. February 11 marked WCW’s first PPV of 1996: WCW SuperBrawl VI. Let’s head Into the Vault! 


Konnan defending the U.S Title against The One Man Gang wasn’t dreadful but compared to some of the stuff on this card, it’s pretty bottom of the barrel.

It’s not even at the very bottom, it’s just not as interesting a match. I’m sure I’d even bat an eye at how this match could’ve been on a B-show or as the opener if it was a TV Title bout.

That said, it’s not even the bottom of the barrel. That honor goes to two Dungeon vs. Horsemen bouts. 

Both Kevin Sullivan vs. Brian Pillman’s strap match and the Arn vs. Sullivan were short affairs that didn’t even get going before you could determine if it was a good or bad match. 

That strap match was something I was looking forward to watching the WCW Nitro episodes leading into it. Then it was cut and we get Arn in the ring and that was cut short.

Both would’ve been mid-tier at the minimum. Just think of those fans who showed up mainly for the strap matches and get this. Oof.

Again, storyline reasons but all of those loose ends should’ve been tied on TV. PPV is where things are settled or big developments occur. 

Hulk Hogan vs. The Giant in the steel cage capped off the show. It was the second cage match on the show and the least interesting of the two.

It had all the main ingredients to be a solid, mid-tier Hogan bout. First, you got to have Hulk Hogan. Next, you need a monster or a giant—there’s a whole ass giant right there.

It could’ve ended there but Hogan can deliver in a hard-fought steel cage match. So, we need one of those. Look at that, WCW had everything needed and it was still meh. 


I love a WCW Nasty Boys match. For some reason, WCW did the right thing with this team early on. Just put them with rough teams or brawling teams and the Nasty Boys will turn up something good. 

The thing is, you have to catch them during the first half of the 90s. When I first saw the Nasty Boys, it was in 1997 when they weren’t involved in anything major in WCW. Knobbs stuck around though. 

Anyway, the falls count anywhere match with the Pubic Enemy was an enjoyable brawl. Nothing special, no big bumps or anything. It was just your rough WCW PPV brawl but it was a good one. 

Also enjoyable was the first Tag Team title defense on the show. Champions Luger and Sting managed to defeat the well-oiled machine that was Harlem Heat.

The follow-up defense with the Road Warriors was also a fun match. Unlike the first, this one ended in a double DQ and is actually the better of the two defenses.

I’d say watch both but this one is the one to check out. It’s a match among friends that lifts the PPV a bit. 


I’m big on the midcard rosters of WCW and WWE at this time because they really put in work on PPV. Johnny B. Badd and DDP were WCW rivals and enemies who delivered each time. 

This one was no exception as they went almost 15 minutes for Badd’s WCW TV Title. I’d mark this as Match of the Night. They’re a heavyweight version of Pillman-Liger or a midcard version of Flair-Steamboat. 

Speaking of Steamboat, two superstars who had great matches with him in WCW and WWE had a showdown over the World Title at WCW SuperBrawl VI. Yes, in a steel cage, Savage defended against Flair. 

It was a good, enjoyable match. I wouldn’t say it was really good or great but they put on a match that should’ve been the main event. That is unless WCW creative wanted Badd and Page to shine. 

Savage wouldn’t have a successful defense but he delivered in this match. Flair was consistent as usual during the 90s. 

WCW SuperBrawl VI Verdict: 5.5/10 

Actually, there were more acceptable-to-good matches than bad ones on WCW SuperBrawl VI. Most of the bad bouts could’ve been aired on TBS.

I say “most” because you kind of need to run Hogan-Giant on PPV. That said, this would’ve been a good PPV without those matches. Then again, that could be said about any wrestling PPV or TV show, right?

Looking at the show, Match of the Night honors go to Badd vs. DDP. They’re not going to wow you with a new spot or crazy bump but by being that ridiculously consistent across two years-worth of matches. 

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