Is Eric Bischoff Coming To AEW Dynamite?

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Is Eric Bischoff Coming To AEW Dynamite?

In two weeks on AEW Dynamite, we will watch the much anticipated second clash of Orange Cassidy & Chris Jericho, but first they meet in a debate! The last time they met face to face like this, OC got the better of Jericho in a wild brawl. So this time around, Jericho has a moderator to keep things under control, and spoilers indicate it’s Eric Bischoff.

Spoiler From A Proven Insider On Reddit

Reddit user SpaceForce1 would make a post on July 31st about a special guest showing up for the next episode of AEW Dynamite. Their post contained the following information. “Eric Bischoff will make an appearance on Dynamite next week. He’s involved in the Jericho/Orange Cassidy segment.”

While it’s sometimes hard to trust someone on reddit, SpaceForce1 has a proven track record with spoilers from AEW, having shared the signing of Ricky Starks, and providing full and accurate results of both the Stampede Showdown match & all of Fyter Fest Night 2. Because of their proven track record with AEW spoilers, it’s easy to trust that this spoiler has a high chance of being legitimate. 

Eric Bischoff Coming Back To TNT

Back in the day, Bischoff was a major player in WCW, being one of the main members of the now iconic N.W.O faction. NWO Monday Nitro was on the same channel that AEW Dynamite now calls home, making this a homecoming of sorts. We’ve seen similar homecomings from Diamond Dallas Page & Dustin Rhodes, but Bischoff oddly feels like the biggest one yet. 

This will be his first notable involvement with a major promotion since his ill fated run as the head of creative on Friday Night Smackdown. As AEW has no intentions of having a general manager figure, this very well could simply be a one off appearance. He’s always been incredibly entertaining on screen, and has a great mind for the business, making this segment even more interesting. 

Bischoff has the skills and aura to control a segment with men like Jericho & Orange Cassidy, but he’d be wise to look above to ensure there isn’t 100 litres of warm orange juice waiting to be dropped on him. Do you think Eric Bischoff will be the guest moderator for this segment on Dynamite? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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