Is EVIL Going To Start His Own Faction In NJPW?

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Right now in New Japan Pro Wrestling, EVIL is the top dog.

After an excellent run in the New Japan Cup where his vicious tendencies went unchecked, he would win the tournament. However when his former ally and now former double Champion Tetsuya Naito came out to face him, EVIL had aligned with Bullet Club. Will this last?

Jay White Is Stirring The Pot

After seeing Jado call Evil ‘my boy’ on Twitter, Jay White would plant some seeds ahead of his NJPW return later this month. “Now you Evils boy??” was all he had to say, and speculation of another Bullet Club civil war would be drummed up. However, it’s more likely that it would simply be a new faction, one led by EVIL.

Who Would Be In EVIL’s Faction

EVIL already has a great group of allies, that being all the Japanese members of Bullet Club. EVIL, Gedo, Jado, Taiji Ishimori, Dick Togo & Yujiro Takahashi would likely make up the initial ranks, and they have already proven to be enough to help EVIL win the IWGP Heavyweight & Intercontinental Championships.

Where Would This Leave the Bullet Club?

This would leave Jay White with the Guerillas of Destiny, ELP, Chase Owens, Bad Luck Fale. Still an incredibly stacked fraction in its own right. You can likely add in KENTA to this group as well, as he and White have been proven to be close in the recent past. White allowed KENTA to get the first stab at Tetsuya Naito following Wrestle Kingdom, a gesture which sent a clear message.

We could also end up with a solo babyface Jay White out of all this. While he’s arguably the best heel in NJPW at the moment, he was a beloved young lion and that carried over into his excursion in the US & UK. Opposing someone like EVIL and using his bottled up babyface fire? He’d get crowds back on his side in no time, even with him having demolished beloved names like Okada & Tanahashi. 

Do you think EVIL will split off to his own faction, or simply kick Jay White out of Bullet Club? Let us know what you think will happen in the comment section down below.

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