Is Rey Mysterio Working Without A WWE Contract?

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Is Rey Mysterio Working Without A WWE Contract?

At WWE Extreme Rules: The Horror Show, Rey Mysterio will face Seth Rollins in ‘an eye for an eye’ match. This all stems from Rollins injuring Mysterio by shoving his eye into the ring steps, a way to potentially write Mysterio off TV. Why write Mysterio off TV? Because his latest WWE contract was nearing it’s end date, and very well could be over. Is Rey Mysterio the hottest free agent in professional wrestling once again?

Rey Mysterio Was Off TV For Several Weeks

As per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Rey Mysterios WWE contract has expired. This came around when he was injured by Rollins, in a move which could have taken him out of WWE again. However, this would lead to a deeper storyline, with Aleister Black, Humberto Carillo, & his son Dominic Mysterio taking his role on TV, until he’d return this week for Monday Night RAW, leading to the PPV match.

WWE are not a fan of working with you when they don’t have the control, see Drew Gulak vanishing from TV earlier this year while his new deal was negotiated. Mysterio could have signed a new deal with WWE during his time away, or his many years with the company swayed them to trust him to finish this storyline before he left.

Extreme Rules Could Write Off Mysterio For Good

At Extreme Rules, the match between Rollins & Mysterio needs to end with someone losing their eye. While that sounds morbid, it is The Horror Show after all! While this could write Rollins off TV, it’s more likely that the Monday Night Messiah walks away with both his eyes intact. Losing this match would work either way for Mysterio, it’d either write him off TV, or he’d wear a fancy new mask with a new eye covering.

If he leaves WWE, we’d likely see him show up in All Elite Wrestling, atleast for a short time until he’d be able look elsewhere like New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Do you think Rey Mysterio is going to be leaving WWE following Extreme Rules? Will he stick around and win the Eye For An Eye match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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