Jacob Fatu Signs With MLW Through 2025

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Jacob Fatu Signs With MLW Through 2025

Major League Wrestling is far from the biggest player in wrestling, though their weekly MLW Fusion program is one of the best free options for fans. Prior to COVID-19 shutting their operations down for the moment, you could catch a new hour of MLW action every week. Lately it has been dominated by Contra-Unit, who are led by the ace of MLW; Jacob Fatu.

Fatu is a member of the Samoan Dynasty, with some cousins you might recognize in Roman Reigns & The Usos. The son of the Tonga Kid, he’s become one of the hottest talents in the world, but you won’t be seeing him in WWE anytime soon.

Jacob Fatu Is With Major League Wrestling Until 2025

As first reported by ESPN, MLW has signed Jacob Fatu to a huge deal. Seeing as he’s their biggest star, and the reigning MLW Heavyweight Champion, it simply makes sense. The deal was started in late 2019, and it extends into late 2025. This pretty much confirms Fatu as the face of MLW as they try to become a bigger force in professional wrestling.

To keep him around, they must have offered some pretty great money to stay. His family links in WWE make him a very easy fit, and Jacob Fatu vs. Roman Reigns could be a big money feud. Fatu has six children, so he must feel MLW offers some great job security.

We Could See Him Used Elsewhere While MLW Isn’t Running

While we won’t be seeing him in WWE anytime soon, we have seen MLW talent recently work outside of the company. Tom Lawlor has made his New Japan Pro Wrestling debut, and Brian Pillman Jr. has been spotted in AEW as part of AEW Dark.

Especially while MLW aren’t taping new material, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get eyes on their brand using Fatu elsewhere. He would be an excellent part of Lions Break Collision.

Getting eyes on Fatu and his skill set would get eyes on the MLW product. If more people knew of him, he’d be praised alongside names like Keith Lee & MJF.

Do you think Jacob Fatu will help bring MLW to higher levels? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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