Jon Moxley & Renee Young Are Healthy

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The main event of Fyter Fest was never meant to be Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho. While that was a fantastic match, and one of Jerichos best in years, the main event was supposed to be for the AEW Championship. Brian Cage was going to get his title shot that he earned at Double Or Nothing, where he was the surprise entrant in the Casino Ladder Match. Unfortunately, just days before this match would have been taped, Renee Young, the wife of Jon Moxley would fall ill. She had tested positive for COVID-19, and Moxley was thus exposed. Thinking about the safety of his work place, he stayed home. Since then, both Moxley & Renne have been re-tested, and both are COVID free. Renee has made a quick recovery, and Moxley is ready to get back into the ring.

This Was Revealed In An Odd Way

Moxley & Renee are far from your average couple. They got married on a whim in their backyard in the middle of the night, and live a fairly carefree life. So it only makes sense that fans would get the glimmer of everything being okay from them posting up a video of Moxley reviewing ribs cooked by his wife. When it was first reported that Young had tested positive, it was made clear that they intended to self-quarantine in seperate parts of their house, which is clearly no longer the case. It’s great news in a bleak time whenever anyone can recover from this virus which has taken so many lives. Both will be tested once more as a safety percaution, but Moxley should make it to this match.

Jon Moxley Needs To Be Ready For A War

While he was home taking care of his wife, Brian Cage has gotten ready for the biggest match of his career so far. He’s been awarded the FTW Championship by his manager Taz, and has just had more time to scout Moxley and prepare for what will simply be a brawl. We will see some wrestling holds, but strikes are going to be thrown, as are bodies. A fight suits both men, and if AEW decided that at the last minute it should be a no-DQ match? That would just make everything even better. It’s going to be one to remember, and I can hardly wait.

Who do you think will leave Fight For The Fallen with the AEW Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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