Luchadors Golden Bull and Espiral Negro Pass Away

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Luchadors Golden Bull and Espiral Negro Pass Away

Per Super Luchas and FDT Lucha Libre, luchadors Golden Bull and Espiral Negro passed away during the pandemic. 

Espiral Negro is the father of Bull, he had passed away earlier these days. Bull is best remembered for his iconic cartoon in the Mexican version of Cartoon Network (MX). 

Furia de Titanes reports: 

Just 10 days after we reported the death of Espiral Negro, his son Golden Bull caught up with him in the Arena Celestial, as reported by his brother through social networks.

Originally from Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Golden Bull made his way in the independent field under the guardianship of his father.

A few weeks ago it was reported that both he and Espiral Negro were in poor health, so they requested good vibes for their recovery.

However, fate wanted him to be reunited with his father, before that the fighting family expressed its condolences and solidarity with the bereaved.

RIP. Golden Bull.

Many friends and colleagues presented their tribute to the luchadors: 

After hearing the news of the death of Golden Bull and Espiral Negro, which moved the struggling guild of Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, the signs of support and solidarity have not stopped, either on social media or in person.

Through a video, the fighters Rey Neza, Rey Caballero, Motocross, and Príncipe Neza, representing many of their companions, shared their pain and sent a message in honor of their friends.

One by one, he thanked the support and solidarity for the Ramírez family in these difficult times.

Here’s the report by Super Luchas on the tragedy of Lucha Libre during this pandemic: 

2020 has been very unkind to wrestling, as unfortunately, many gladiators have lost their lives and now one more join, the wrestler Golden Bull, who was hospitalized in Mexico City.

The gladiator’s brother reported the death of the luchador, who just on July 11 lost his father the Espiral Negro, who was also hospitalized. The surprising death made many wrestlers regret the fact because although Golden Bull was not the most famous luchador, he was respected and loved in the independent field for his great professionalism. […]

Both Golden Bull and Espiral Negro were admitted to a hospital, although the causes are not known despite the fact that many speculate that it was a coronavirus, this has not been confirmed by anyone from their close people.

It has been really hard this pandemic on Mexican wrestling, many legends have passed away. Mexico holds one of the highest rates of deaths and contagion in the continent. 

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