Mexico’s DTU to Return with “Cielo Abierto” show

Stuka Jr. and Negro Navarro have been confirmed for the show.

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Mexico's DTU to Return with "Cielo Abierto" show

Per Super Luchas, Mexico’s Destrucción Total Ultraviolenta (DTU) has an interesting show on July 17. As Mexico continues its lockdown from Covid-19, Mexican companies are inventing new ways to promote wrestling. DTU is having live streaming, “Cielo Abierto”. The matches will be in a pool without fans. Many will have to buy the streaming for the show.

Here’s the early report by Super Luchas: 

Through a statement, DTU announced that in this event it will collaborate with Aztec Warriors GAW Wrestling and that the long-term relationship will be maintained.

Among the wrestlers who will participate in the event is Pesadilla, who has excelled in our country as part of companies such as Los Perros del Mal, IWL, AAA, among other organizations, in addition to having fought for Pro-Wrestling NOAH.

The executor of the shadows will also return, Blaze, who played a great role in the Rancho de México event. For his return, the company performed some dynamics on his social networks, asking if it would be a good option for Blaze to be scheduled, and several comments were gathered supporting this suggestion.

One of the matches that cause interest is the Synchronized Triangular Nexus. In one of the pairs that seek victory at all costs, it will be the team made up of the heirs Alvarado, Los Bad Boys, that is, Brazo de Oro Jr., and Brazo Celestial, who also appeared in Rancho de México.

The other pair will be made up of the fraternal Fight Panther Jr., and Aero Panther, from the faction, called The Wild Order, who have shown that they are ready and trained, with a fighting image that draws attention, and must show how they work as a team since they have also faced each other in previous commitments.

The other pair that will be present will be the dumbbell called The Hunters, and which is made up of Moria and Drolux.

Today, CMLL Stuka Jr. and Negro Navarro were confirmed: 

Navarro and Stuka Jr. will be at opposite corners. The elements that make up the new generation of DTU will have a valuable opportunity to measure their knowledge, strengths, and strategies before the mentioned teachers. They are Camouflage and Kaleth.

Camouflage had the opportunity in the previous event to measure forces against Ultimo Guerrero, who recognized the performance of the DTU member. Now it is up to Camouflage to be part of the team that will integrate alongside Stuka Jr., one of the most experienced gladiators in aerial style.

Kaleth will be in this commitment, showing his capabilities by accompanying the experienced master Negro Navarro, a member of the Los Misioneros de la Muerte faction, whose professional career leaves an important legacy in the business.

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