Mini Luchador Microman Rumored to Have Covid-19

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Mini luchador for Consejo Mundial Lucha Libre (CMLL), Microman, is rumor to have Covid-19.  

The company has been talking to many of the Box y Lucha commission to return. They wanted to have shows with the distance between fans. CMLL has been denied to return during the Mexico City pandemic crisis. 

But, regular wrestlers, like Microman, having Covid-19, is a problem for such return. Here’s Lucha Blog’s report on the issue: 

The story, reported Saturday, goes like this: Julio Cesar Rivera passed along gossip to various luchadors that there are currently four luchadors in the promotion who have the illness. Planchitas only mentions Microman by name. People close to Microman confirmed he is ill, but he will not confirm or deny that he has coronavirus. Planchitas track record is not great and they’re passing along second-hand gossip in this case. Microman is not very active on social media and hasn’t said anything about the situation. CMLL has not either. The story has gotten little traction.

For my purposes, I’ve decided I’m not going to report coronavirus rumors unless people are missing shows during it, or a reliable source mentions it. There are no shows so that first part isn’t a concern. It’s unclear if Planchitas is more reliable than a random social media page at this point.

The original report that Lucha Blog is citing says the following: 

The issue of coronavirus is something serious, every day there are thousands of new infections and deaths that are more than statistics, they are human lives that go out leaving pain and sadness among their loved ones. But there are people who take it lightly and go around talking about it without a little sensitivity.

That is the case of the brilliant press chief of the World Wrestling Council, Julio César Rivera, better known as the ‘Caracol’, several people told men, that a few days ago he walked with his mouth wide open gossiping to several wrestlers that there were four infected in the company, and one of them was none other than Microman. 

Neta, at first I doubted it, but I started to investigate and several gladiators close to him assure me that the microstar is indeed ill. In fact, he was asked to ask directly if that information was real or not, but he preferred not to answer. […]

…regarding CMLL, it would be cooler that if there are really positives in the company, they would release a statement to inform the public and the media, as they do in all sports, and not that their chief officer is telling in a low voice, causing alarm among fellow luchadors and making the health of a human being a gossip that is on everyone’s lips.

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