MLW Explores Future Events in Hawaii and Puerto Rico

While the Covid-19 pandemic menace increases, MLW looks for alternatives.

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MLW Explores Future Events in Hawaii and Puerto Rico

Florida wrestling promotion, Major League Wrestling (MLW), is exploring having shows in several islands in 2021. The company’s last shows were in coordination with Mexico, now they look to expand.

The Covid-19 pandemic is not stopping any day soon, making the lives of various wrestling promotions tedious. MLW is considering doing some shows in Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Both are convenient places, as MLW would not require any visa arrangements – Hawaii being a state  and Puerto Rico a territory of the US.  It seems that for the near future, title matches in these islands is the closest thing they’re getting.

The press-release by MLW said the following: 

2021 plans come into focus

While the league continues to work towards a resolution to regain key aspects of its operations from CONTRA Unit, MLW remains open for business.

While the on-going COVID-19 pandemic continues, there is optimism that a vaccine is on the horizon and as such, the league is having meetings to push forward on expanding MLW into new territories. can confirm that league officials have been having discussions to bring an event to new shores in 2021.

The two locations in the mix for landing an MLW event in 2021 include: Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

With the World Tag Team Champions Ross and Marshall Von Erich calling Hawaii home these days, there’s been “immense enthusiasm” from the entertainment sector in the 50th state.

As for Puerto Rico, it was revealed on this week’s Pulp FUSION via Savio Vega that MLW’s CEO met with Puerto Rican government officials about hosting a Caribbean Heavyweight Championship title fight.

“We are cautiously optimistic about this project,” said an anonymous league official. will continue to cover this story as it develops.

Puerto Rico looks promising, but things are getting worse. Although is true, as we have reported, that the island’s government and its main wrestling promotions, the Colons’ World Wrestling Council (WWC) and Savio Vega’s International Wrestling Association (IWA-PR), are in talks for a return. It’s also true that new cases are rising in Puerto Rico, making the health department reconsider the opening of combat sports.

MLW could have at least a match with Vega’s IWA PR. Yet, is Vega who’s the most skeptical about the prospect of wrestling right now. He had declared that the return of wrestling to the island in August was like playing Russian roulette of death.

Hawaii is another story. The deaths are less, only 19 at the moment of this writing – 1158 reported cases. It could be the best possible prospect of MLW in 2021.

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