Moody Jack Melendez: “AAA Hated That I Wanted to Book Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix”

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Hector Moody Jack Melendez is arguably one of the best wrestling minds in Lucha Libre. 

Moody Jack Melendez was originally a booker for International Wrestling Association (IWA-PR). But, he started to impress many in the wrestling industry with his creation of new stars alongside Dutch Mantell and Savio Vega. He booked for Jeff Jarrett’s Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) and later was contracted by AAA. 

In a recent interview with Anthony Piñeiro of Super Luchas, Moody Jack Melendez talked about his wrestling, especially his experience with the AAA of Joaquin Roldan. 

Moody recalled that he was afraid, at first, of Mexico. He was brought by Antonio Peña and later managed by Joaquin Roldan (the owner that passed away some years ago). 

Although Moody ignored the company for quite some time, in the end, Konnan convinced him to come to AAA. He entered during the Legion Extranjera angle. 

Moody explained that many wrestlers started to doubt the promise of him as a booker – many criticized him for being Puerto Rican. But, he recalled that young stars thought he could break with the politics of the company. Moody Jack Melendez, who had worked with Mesias aka Mil Muertes in Puerto Rico, asked him about the possibilities of him in AAA. Mesias replied: “I’ll give you 6 months.” (Moody lasted 5 years.) 

Moody booked incredibly well. He remembered riding alongside Konnan, Silver King, Cibernetico, among other AAA stables for the shows. He brought a cinematographic experience that many AAA wrestled hadn’t done. 

But, not everything was well. Moody started to believe in young stars and wanted to push the new crop of the company. Veterans like Electroshock, La Parka (R.I.P.), and Zorro, hated the idea.

Moody would bring the matches for the following show, featuring opportunities for Aerostar. Moody said that he would put Aerostar for just one show (La Parka getting a rest) and that Joaquin Roldan (father of Dorian Roldan) would bring back the matches without the young talent.

Moody was a big early believer of the Lucha Brother, Pentagon Jr., and Rey Fenix. Moody believed that AAA should have promoted new stars because the established ones were getting older. Moody once told one of the officials of the company: “We need to push these new stars [Fenix, Pentagon, Drago, and Aerostar], because the top ones are no getting younger. What are you waiting for? That that 50-year-old star[probably La Parka] can’t do a suicide top? To tell fans to root for these guys [Fenix, Pentagon, Drago, and Aerostar].”  Moody, alongside Konnan, wanted to establish Drago because he was already old. Moreover, they believed that the future was Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix, but at the time, AAA did not believe in them. “AAA Hated That I Wanted to Use Pentagon and Fenix,” said Moody Jack Melendez. 


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