Moody Jack Melendez Demonstrates The Horrible Decisions Of Carlos Colón In WWC

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A few months ago, in conversation with a person involved in the wrestling business, he told me that the reason why the World Wrestling Council has been so bad since the Colón brothers left, was the fault of Carlos Colón himself. This individual assured me: “There, Jovica will always be fine … but Carlos, he does not know how to run anything in the business.” This reiterated to me that Colón has spent everything he could contribute to WWC, especially on the economic side. In a recent interview, Hector Moody Jack Melendez proved that statement right. 

For many Puerto Rican fans, Colón was the emblem of Capitol Sports Promotion. In the golden age of the territories, Carlos Colón emerged as the people’s hero. Fighting with foreigners, while representing the population of the popular sectors. Obviously, Carlos Colón was not the sole owner of CSP, but he was the face of the product.

Over the years, owners and investors have vanished, while Colón and Victor Jovica maintained a firm grip on what was left of the company. Although they had some ‘Boom’ years in the 90s and partially the 2000s, the era of Lucha Libre was an accepted spectacle by many and brought thousands to the arenas disappeared. A year ago, WWC was at its worst, almost financially destroyed, with nothing new to contribute. The recent intervention of Eddie (Primo) and Orlando (Epico) Colón has relocated the company to the top again on the island.

Many are known of the retrograde mindset that WWC carried in the past, not leaving much room for modernization and with members of the roster wanting to keep things as they were.

Now, Moody Jack Melendez confirms (in an interview with Super Luchas) that Colón played a huge role in the stagnation of the WWC product and that his experience shows how, even when there is big money involved, Colón throws everything to the trash.

Moody is known by fans as one of the original IWA PR bookers. In addition, he stays at TNA in the United States and AAA in Mexico. However, this one was also for a brief moment in WWC. In that year, Moody brought up the first idea of ​​an IWA PR invasion. Back then, Victor Quiñónez was gone and some members of the roster were willing to make a kind of organized jump for the mortal enemy.

It finally happened, in 2007, with Moody behind the booking, La Rabia, composed of Mr. BIG, Chicano, Estéfano, Jumping Jeff Jeffrey, and Niche – all hooded – made their WWC debut. It was revolutionary, Moody broke the traditional heel and babyface dichotomy in the company. Chicano said the magic words: “We are tired of the abuses, the abusers, the tiraeras’ from here to there, from there to here … now, here the war is going on from now on.” It was perfect, Jovica played his part to the measure, with him saying to a hooded Chicano: “… A crap, shit like you, WWC does not need.”

The angle La Rabia against the establishment of WWC, especially the Colons, caused Moody to explore turning the family heel. It made sense, the popularity of “the street” represented by La Rabia, of people with whom the fans envisioned as one of ‘them’, made the traditional family look like the real tyrants. Moody indicates that Jovica congratulated them several times in front of the dressing room, given the rise in the houses of the shows on the weekends.

However, not everyone would be happy. Moody remembers that he never told Carlos the whole plan, perhaps thinking that he would not agree. In Ponce, Carlos Colón, at the Bronco I retirement ceremony, addressed the fans with his family. When La Rabia appeared, the fans became hostile against him (Colón). Objects were thrown and many told him to shut up.

Moody Jack Melendez remembers that Carlos was enraged and took him to the dressing room. Yelling at him, he pointed out to Moody that he had never been booed in his 30-year career and that Moody did as he pleased with the angle and was making people hate him. Moody argued that people were ready to hate him, which was good.

From that night on, the angle fell apart. Moody would leave the company and in a turn of events, Savio Vega never made the jump to WWC; Mr. Big appeared in Histeria Boricua with the Universal Championship – it was illegitimate – to challenge the IWA PR champion, Blitz, in a match of unification. Moody relapsed severely, hating wrestling. While WWC returned to its ups and downs, which had debts to the wrestlers and failed attempts with new talents, as was the case of the fraud of “El Rebelde” Noriega.

Colón doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson because, in 2015, Moody Jack Melendez and he met again. Moody indicates that it was a type of trap by Ray González. Moody told Colón that he was willing to work, but that they had to talk about their past, what happened with La Rabia. Colón said he agreed. But, he proceeded to say that Moody’s angle never made money, that Moody did what he wanted, and that it never worked because he wanted to sell Colón as a ‘rudo’.This made Moody go with the World Wrestling League of Richard Negrín. 

Without a doubt, Moody’s story shows that Colón is the type of wrestler who is great as a talent in the ring, but horrible to run a company. His fall from stardom and myopic vision cost WWC money.

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