New Japan Cup Day 7 Assault, Trios Tag Match

Evil Is Showing His Dark Side

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Yoshi-Hashi (Down) Getting Assaulted By Evil (Standing) Before Their Quarter-Finals New Japan Cup Match Began On July 2, 2020 via New Japan World

The second match of day seven of the 2020 New Japan Cup saw Evil take on an injured Yoshi-Hashi, who seemingly injured his knee during his second-round match against Bushi on day five of the tournament. However, much like his behavior during his second-round victory against another CHAOS member, Hirooki Goto, Evil used blatant underhanded tactics to gain the advantage over his limp opponent.

Before the match was officially underway, Evil attacked Yoshi-Hashi from behind and used a chair over his knee. Showing tremendous courage, Yoshi-Hashi requested the match begin despite being at an extreme disadvantage. Evil would quickly lock Yoshi-Hashi in a Scorpion Lock and gain the submission victory at the two-minute mark. It’s unclear how serious Yoshi-Hashi’s knee injury is at the publishing of this article.

The victory means Evil will be in his second New Japan Cup semi-finals, after having previously done so in 2017 where he would lose to Bad Luck Fale.

The third match of the event saw CHAOS members Sho and Hirooki Goto team up with New Japan Noge Dojo Young Lion Yuya Uemura against Los Ingobernables de Japon (LIJ) members Bushi, NEVER Openweight Champion Shingo Takagi, and IWGP Intercontinental and Heavyweight ‘Double Champion’ Tetsuya Naito.

As expected, Uemura took most of the offense from his LIJ opponents, putting Sho and Goto at a disadvantage throughout. Naito looked to have a night off as he and his partners controlled the tempo and flow. Bushi would eventually pin Uemura at the nine-minute and thirty four-second mark.

Naito has yet to exert himself since NJPW returned to action, but he suddenly faces the possibility of having to defend his ‘Double Championship’ against either Hiromu or Evil, who both advanced to the semi-final round before his match was underway.

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